Pamu Slide Truly Wireless Earphones Review: Best Alternative For Airpods?


I wasn't expecting a new pair of truly wireless earphones in such a short time-period from Padmate, the group which previously sent us the Pamu Scroll and the super affordable first generation PaMu X13 wireless earphones. Both the products were quite promising and delivered good audio performance and solid battery life. The new wireless earphones- Pamu Slide further raises the bar in the truly wireless earbuds segment, a product category which has gained a lot of popularity in last one year.



Pamu Slide Truly Wireless Earphones Review

With $4 Million+ raised and 80,000+ recommendations from backers, the new Pamu Slide wireless earphones bring some significant improvements over its predecessors. Padmate has designed an all-new case which does a lot more than just storing the earbuds. The newly designed earbuds promise even better audio and massively improved battery backup than the company's previous audio products. Let's find out more about these affordable truly wireless earphones in the following review.

Setup And Pairing

Setting up the new PaMu Slide is a delight. Once you pair up the earbuds with your smartphone, the earbuds instantly connects with the respective device as soon as you enable the Bluetooth. It's a hassle-free process as you need to pair the earbuds with your phone only once. Backed by Bluetooth 5.0, the wireless connection is pretty good and I did not face any issues while using the Pamu Slide earbuds with multiple devices during the review duration.

Easy Touch Controls

Easy Touch Controls

It's fairly easy to control all the audio related functions on Pamu Slide even though there are no physical buttons. Everything is controlled via touch gestures. A tap on the touch spot on left and right earbud can play/pause the audio and also allow you to pick an incoming call. Tap twice on the left earbud to activate Siri/Google Assistant or to reject a call. You can tap twice on the right earbud to change the track or to reject an incoming call. Long press on the right earbud to increase the volume. You can decrease the volume by long pressing the left earbud.

Most Premium Looking Charging Cradle- Mesh Fabric Pattern On Magnetized Lid

Pamu Slide earbuds come packed inside an all-new case that looks much premium that the company's previous products. It looks and feels even better than the Galaxy buds and Airpods' charging cases. The magnetized lid slides with a slight push. The equally premium looking earbuds are tucked inside in their separate housings. The earbuds are held in place by the anti-drop magnets, so even if the case is flipped 180 degrees, the earbuds will stay put.

The top surface of the magnetized lid has been given a fabric finish with a mesh pattern that further adds to the premium look and feel of the casing. The case is pretty chunky and heavy as compared to the company's previous Pamu wireless earphones and what competitors are offering. But there's a good reason behind it. Find it out in the next paragraph.

Charging Case Also Works As A Wireless Charger

Interestingly, the charging case can also wirelessly charge the compatible devices. I tried charging the Galaxy S10+ with the Pamu cradle and it really worked. The charging speed is at par with the dedicated wireless charging pads we have tested in past. If you own a flagship smartphone that supports wireless charging, you can use the earbuds cradle to recharge your phone. Pretty cool, isn't it.

Fits Snuggly And Offers A Comfortable Wearing Experience

The problem with truly wireless earbuds is the discomfort in ears during extended listening sessions. To my surprise, the Pamu Slide wireless earbuds are super comfortable to wear. You can actually wear these earbuds throughout the day without any discomfort to the inner lining of the ears. While we don't recommend long listening sessions with any form of earphones or headphones (for health-related issues), I must say that Pamu Slide are undoubtedly the most comfortable wireless earbuds I have ever tested. The earbuds snuggly fit in your ears and stay there even when you are jogging or doing regular day-to-day activities. Pamu ships the Slide earbuds with 6 different sizes of ear tips: S, S+, M, M+, L, and L+.

Audio Performance

Coming onto the audio, Pamu Slide doesn't disappoint at all, in fact the audio delivery is pretty solid and very much audiophile grade. With support for aptX and the Qualcomm's QCC3020 processing chip inside, the Pamu Slide delivers high-definition audio and consistent wireless connectivity while attending calls. The focus is on detailing and clarity. Sound staging is decent but could have been slightly better. The mids and lows are handled very well and even the treble is quite clean.

The bass produced by Pamu Slide is very well balanced and clean, if not the deepest. With slight tweaking in third party music players like Pi Music Player, you can really bring out the kind of audio delivery you prefer from Pamu Slide. Even with the popular music streaming apps, the earbuds did a great job. I really liked how well the earbuds handle the vocals. They sound very clean.

At some places I felt that the earbuds could have been a little bit louder, especially while listening to music at places with very high ambient noise. To some extent, the earbuds restrict the ambient noise as they fit snuggly inside the ears. I tuned to a variety of genres on Pamu Slide and overall, the wireless earbuds did an excellent job. At their early bird price, these earbuds are simply the best-in-class TWS. It is also worth mentioning that the competitors- Apple's Airpods, Samsung Galaxy buds and Jabra TWS do not support aptX.

Battery Life

Like previous charging cradles, the new charging case also has a built-in battery. But this time around, the battery capacity is pretty big, 2,000mAh, and it can charge the earbuds for almost 5 times. If you fully charge the earbuds and the charging case, the setup can last for up to two and half days straight, which is super impressive. The Qualcomm chip inside also plays a big role in improving the battery life on Pamu Slide. The audio chip helps to reduce power consumption by up to 50 percent. Pamu also promises over 1 month of standby time with one full charge. The charging case, which gets a Type-C port, takes around 90 minutes (with earbuds inside) to get fully charged.


As more and more smartphone manufacturers have started ditching the good old 3.5mm headphone jack, the demand for wireless earphones/headphones has spiked up significantly. At a starting price of just Rs. 3,396 (Early bird price) the latest Pamu Slide wireless earbuds are absolutely steal. At Rs. 4,800, you can buy the upgraded version that offers the wireless charging to compatible devices.

Compared to its predecessors, Pamu Slide brings an improved design, long-lasting battery life and a powerful charging case that can even wirelessly charge your compatible smartphone. Moreover, Pamu Slide earbuds are the most comfortable truly wireless earbuds I have tested to date. The earbuds will cost approximately Rs. 13,500 once the campaign ends; hence it makes much more sense to buy them now.

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