PaMu Scroll Wireless Earphones Review: Premium design, rich audio at affordable price-point

    PaMu Scroll true wireless earphones come at a starting price of $39 under Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and ships to India at free of cost.


    Wireless earphones/headphones are gradually becoming a necessity for mobile users. With more and more smartphone manufacturers shifting towards wireless future, users are left with no other option but to invest in wireless audio accessories. The market for wireless audio accessories is largely divided into three sections; Neckband Wireless Earphones, Over-the-head Wireless Headphones, and True Wireless Earbuds. Among the three, the true wireless earbuds are undoubtedly the most appealing category as they offer a great flexibility and ease-of-use in everyday routine.



    Padmate PaMu Scroll Wireless Earphones Review


    • $39 Indiegogo Price
    • $49 Regular backer price

    The only problem I see with wireless earbuds is the heavy price-point as they are usually priced higher than regular neckband and over-the-head wireless headphones. Moreover, the sound produced by true wireless earphones is not as most immersive as rival over-the-head wireless headphones, but if you want a good balance of audio and convenience, they actually make a lot of sense.

    Having said that, Padmate Scroll is the latest addition to my true wireless earbuds collection. The team behind the ultra-affordable Pamu X13 earphones, which we reviewed last month, has come up with a new pair of wireless earbuds for audiophiles. It is hard to believe how quickly Padmate, the group operated by WEBIN CO., LIMITED has managed to release a new version of its wireless earphones. I have personally reviewed the super affordable first generation PaMu X13 wireless earphones and was quite impressed with the audio delivery and the overall package.

    Just a few months after the X13 release, the startup has now shared the second generation PaMu Scroll wireless earphones with us for testing. The new pair of wireless earphones look and feel even more premium and sound even better than the first gen. PaMu wireless earphones. So what has changed in the last few months? Let's find out.


    Type: In-ear Headphones with MIC

    Connection: Bluetooth Version 5.0

    Transmission Range: 10 meters without obstacles

    Controls: Touch controls on earbuds

    Battery backup: Approx. 3.2 hours

    Charging: Standard and Wireless

    Splash-resist Grade: IPX6

    New Leather case with built-in battery

    PaMu Scroll wireless earphones come in undoubtedly the most appealing casing we have seen so far. Unlike the previous circular casing of X13 wireless earphones, the new earbuds are shipped inside a cylindrical case, which is basically a scroll wrapped in the leather finish. Thus the name- PaMu Scroll and as you can see in the pictures, it looks every bit of stylish. The case has a real leather flap that sticks to the other end with the help of a magnetic lid. The inner side of the leather flap has a premium suede finish and the earbuds sit tightly in the premium plastic holders.

    Four different Styles

    You can choose from four different shades and each variant has been given a different finish and pattern. I got the Rock ‘n' Roll variant which comes in a Brown color shade and it looks no less than a fashion accessory. The casing has solid magnetic pins that hold the earbuds in their place. The micro USB charging port is placed on the left side of the cylindrical case and four LED lights are provided on the right that indicates charging level of the case. I was able to fully charge the earbuds for about three times with the help of charging case that accounts for approximate 10 hours of music, which is pretty good.

    MicroUSB to Qi wireless adapter

    The brand also shared the cool wireless charging accessory, which is available for $10 on the official website under super bird early offer. The microUSB to Qi wireless adapter has a micro USB jack that can be attached with the microUSB port of the charging cradle. After that, simply place the setup on the wireless charging pad to charge the Scroll charging cradle. Sadly, we did not have a wireless charging pad handy while testing the product so we were not able to test the charging speed of the wireless adaptor.

    Pairing and Setup

    Setting up the PaMu wireless earbuds is quite an easy task. Like the previous X13 earbuds, you only need to pair the new earbuds once with your phone. The next time you switch on Bluetooth on your phone and take the earbuds out from the casing, the auto-pairing feature will then reconnect the earbuds to your smartphone automatically. The wireless connection works on the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and offers a hassle-free seamless connectivity.

    Touch controls on earbuds

    There were no buttons or any other sort of physical controls on the PaMu X13 wireless earbuds, and the same goes for the PaMu Scroll earbuds. The top of the earbuds has on-surface touch controls that perform an important action like play/pause, change of tracks and calling. A double tap on the touch surface of the earbuds changes the track. Tap once to play/pause the track or to simply attend an incoming call. Tap twice on the earbuds to reject a call. The new wireless earbuds can also invoke Siri and Google Assistant. You just need to double-tap on the left-hand earbud to use Siri on iOS and Google Assistant on a paired Android device. There's no gesture to control the volume, which is a bit letdown as you have to reach out to your phone to increase/decrease the volume.

    Design: Premium, lightweight and sticks to ears

    I think the biggest upgrade comes in the form of a new design. Right from the new case to the earbuds, everything feels premium and functional. The new PaMu Scroll earbuds are even smaller than the previous X13 earbuds. They are sturdy, light on ears and don't fall out even when you are running, cycling and working out in the gym. I am using the PaMu Scroll as my daily audio drivers and they are pretty comfortable to wear even for longer durations. The earbuds have nozzle wingtips that establish a comfortable fit inside the ears. You will not feel that they are piercing your ears or falling out during physical activities. The earbuds also look quite premium and will surely turn some heads.

    IPX6 for Water- resistant design

    Compared to PaMu X13 wireless earbuds, the PaMu Scroll is more durable towards water and sweat. They are IPX6 rated that makes them water resistant. You can wear them during a rainy day or take a dive in the swimming pool for a brief time. They serve as an excellent companion for outdoor activities, especially for fitness enthusiasts who are avid runners, bike riders and swimmers.

    Audio Performance

    Coming onto the most important aspect, the PaMu Scroll are excellent sounding earbuds that punch more than the initial price offering of $39. Just like the PaMu X13 wireless earbuds, the new Scroll earbuds offer balanced audio throughout the different genres of the music library.

    The improvements come in the form of deeper bass levels, clarity, and definition in the overall sound signature. I mostly tested the earbuds with Galaxy Note 9 and the audio produced was immersive. PaMu Scroll has a decent soundstage and you can hear every beat, vocal, and the particular sound produced by the music equipment clearly.

    At some places, I felt that the bass is overpowering other audio elements, but it is not very extreme. Call quality is also pretty solid and I was able to hear the other person clearly; however, it seems that the microphones on the earbuds are not very powerful. The other persons on the call frequently complained about the lower voice levels as if the microphones were not able to pick up my voice properly.

    Battery life

    As far as battery life is concerned, the earbuds can last for a little more than 3 hours on one full charge cycle. It is the same battery life that we experienced with the previous PaMu X13. One full charge takes around 2 hours. Importantly, the leather finish charging case can refuel the battery of the earbuds for about three times, which brings the total music playback life of about 9 hours, pretty good!


    PaMu once again has managed to deliver a solid product. The new wireless earbuds improve on design, audio, and connectivity. At such a low price point ($39) under the crowd-funding campaign, the PaMu Scroll is simply the best deal you can get in the market. At the time of writing this review, there were still 130 pairs available at $39 with no extra shipping cost to the Indian market. The wireless charging receiver is selling at just $10 in the initial phase, which is definitely a steal. The company also offers 30-day return and exchange guarantee.


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