Coolest DIY: 10 iPhone Stands You Can Make At Home

If you don't want to shell out money for a stand or dock for your already expensive iPhone that missed one, you can try a DIY iPhone stand that will get things to work.

Of course, there are not many smartphones that come with a stand or dock out of the box. However, such accessories are a necessity to get a good user experience such as while watching videos or typing using a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard.

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The demand for the stands for iPhones has not kept the users from trying some DIY ideas at home. There are many iPhone stands that are available in the market, but these are pretty expensive. You can make a considerable saving by making your own DIY iPhone stand as shown in the pictures below.

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Take a look at the best DIY iPhone stands we have collected.

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Wine Cork Stand

Use corks from old wine bottles to make your iPhone stand up for a comfortable user experience.

Credit Card Stand

If you have old and expired credit card, you can make a card stand as shown in the image here.

Pillow iPhone Stand

You can easily make this simply pillow stand for your iPhone by creating a small cushion kind of a product with a small flattened area to house your phone.

Wooden Crank Dock

This dock needs some carpentry skills, but it can be made into a wonderful wooden gear to house your iPhone.

iPhone Box Dock

The iPhone box that is lying unused can be converted into a fully functional dock.

CD Stand

Use some old CD's or DVD's to create this DIY iPhone dock.

Clip Stand

Use clips that are not used to make this kind of a simple iPhone stand.

Stand from Recycled Packaging

Make a nice and free stand for your iPhone using recycled packaging material as shown here.

Polaroid iPhone Stand

If you have old Polaroid film cartridges and you are willing to use one for your iPhone, then here is a DIY stand option as shown here.

Rotary Phone Dock

You can combine the old tech with the DIY method to make the rotary phone dock for your iPhone.

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