Apple Group FaceTime feature still vulnerable after the fix: Reports

Apple FaceTime is still facing some issues which switching to Group FaceTime calls. All you need to know about the new bug.

A few weeks back Apple rolled out the update to fix the controversial FaceTime bug which was allowing anyone to spy on their contact using the service. The Company has also faced a lawsuit with respect to this FaceTime bug, and many users have criticized the company.

The Bug was fixed through the iOS 12.1.4 update, if you are also thinking that the bug is gone then you are wrong. Now it has been reported that even after the update, the FaceTime service remains broken with an active bug.

After the release of iOS 12.1.4, there were many users who went to social media platforms like Twitter and others to report that the group FaceTime is not working properly. According to the users, the regular FaceTime calls are not switching to group calls. Users are unable to add more than one person into the call.

"I noticed the same restriction with 12.1.4: you can only make a group FaceTime call if you initiate it as a group call from the beginning. Then you can go on and further add more people.

However, if you are on a 1-to-1 FaceTime call, the option to add more people is greyed out (you can't even tap on "Add another person" to get to the point of choosing the contact, so it's not relevant if the additional participants have updated their iPhones or not)," reads a users post on Apple forum.

Though the problem is not that big as the bug which was allowing people to spy each other, facing problem while switching from FaceTime calls to group chat must be annoying.

Currently, we don't know when Apple is going to release the fix for this bug. Hope we will get some more information in the near future.


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