10 Safari browser tips for better speed and performance

Use these tips to fasten the Safari Web browser on your Mac

By Nilakshi Pathak

    For the Mac users, Safari serves as the excellent web browser. Safari browser is a fast and efficient web browser for the Mac. The performance of the Safari browser is optimized excellently by Apple. The performance level of Safari is high and enough has been put up also for optimizing the energy consumption of the browser especially for Apple hardware.

    10 Safari browser tips for better speed and performance


    However, over the period of time, Safari becomes slow and like all other browsers becomes unresponsive sometimes. Today, we will address 10 Safari browser tips for better speed and performance.

    Update and then restart your Mac

    Trust me; restarting your Mac will solve many problems. Be it a lagging browser or a lagging your computer. Update your Mac and then restart it and this might give a boost to your browser.

    Close all the unnecessary tabs

    While browsing, we often end up opening too many tabs. And too many tabs often lag up the browser. For speeding up your Safari, you need to close all the unnecessary tabs. Keep only the important tabs open while browsing.

    Clear cache and all the temporary files

    Like any other normal browser, Safari also keeps all the data and cache of all the websites. This data consumes space on the disk and this can lead to performance problems. Every once in a week clear all the cache and temporary files of your Safari browser.

    Disable the unneeded extensions

    Extensions help in making things easier. But instead of making things faster, too many extensions will slow up the Safari browser. If you want to speed your Safari browser, consider disabling all the extensions and if you cannot disable all the extensions, at least keep only the important ones.

    Restrict plugins

    Plugins like Adobe Flash are used by many users. It is an important plugin but there are other plugins which are not important. You can disable these plugins when these are not needed. You can activate the plugins only when required.

    Upgrade your macOS

    Apple comes with major updates in Safari in each version of macOS. You can only have the latest version of Safari, only if you have the updated MacOS. And also a mismatch in the Mac version and the Safari version can cause performance issues. So, update your macOS.

    Identify the dodgy websites and tabs

    Sometimes, Safari browser can slow down if it crawls problematic websites. And a website can crash due to many reasons and this can be the fault of a bad website. The error might not be in your browser but on the website. Identify such dodgy websites and stay away from them.

    You are running out of free space

    A lack of space in your Mac device can give rise to many issues which in turn adversely affect the impact of your Mac device. A lack of space not only causes issues in your Mac device but also your Safari browser. If you are running out of space, it is high time that you clear a bit of space in your device.

    See if there are other macOS related performance issues

    Boosting the performance of your Mac device will also boost the performance of your Safari browser. Remove all the unnecessary applications from your system and also close the resource-intensive background applications from your device.

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    Check for problems related to the network connection

    Check for problems related to the network connection

    If your network connection is slow, then the Safari browser will run slow. You should check your internet connection speed to make sure that the problem is in your Safari browser and not in the network connection.

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