8 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Android Phone Over An iPhone

The battle between Apple and Android seems never ending! Many Apple users prefer to use "i" products as Apple givem its users premium products but, does that mean Android can't? There are many brands such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola and many more who have vamped their latest flagship model to give a tougher competition to their arch rival- Apple Inc.

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Here are some interesting reasons as to why a person should go over and buy an Android smartphone over an iPhone. Do take a look and share your thoughts in the comment box below.


Android smartphones tent to sync better with Google, Facebook and other application which carry your personal detail. Plus it doesn't consume much of your time to whereas, on a smartphone you need to sync with iTunes first to get things started.


Many Android smartphones allows you to replace your old degraded battery but, this feature is not available for iPhone users.

External Memory

Most Android based smartphones have MicroSD card slots available, as tech companies allow you to expand the memory of the device you are using. Unfortunately iPhone users have to stick to 16/32/64GB.


Android being an open source to all, allows its users to customize their smartphone the way they want to. A user can install themes, launchers and much more but, iPhone looses out on much in this segment. Samse old iOS icon, nothing new.

USB Charging

iPhone users have a lighting plug to charge their devices, which is not applicatble for any other devices. However, Android users have a bit of luck here because every USB charger is compatible with all the devices for charging purposes.


Apple has sticked to the tradition of using its own modified hardware in all its devices. Android uses a wide variety of hardware components to make its smartphones better and faster, plus you are getting curved edged smartphones, flexible ones and now transparent devices are not far away.


Android smartphones are way more budget friendly than iPhones. They offer you more than you actually want in your smartphone. There are smartphones in the market who are carrying a price tag way higher than iPhones but, do look at the quality and features your being provided with.


Android users get updates frequently for their smartphones which is again a plus point, as no one wants to use an outdated phone. iphone users get an iOS update after a year which is a long time to pass by. So Android takes the cherry of the cake with a better performance, price and features.


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