5 Features of Uber Driver’s App That Commuters Should Also Know

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Uber-the online cab service offers a number of useful features to users that makes it one of the best ride-sharing and cab booking service in the town. Commuters can get a ride in minutes, split the fare with friends, schedule a ride and can even request a ride for non-Uber users who can pay the driver in cash.

5 Features of Uber Driver’s App That Commuters Should Also Know

But there's a flip side of the app, which is not known to daily commuters and is basically focused on the driver's usage. As they are the ones who interact with the application more than us, Uber has to make sure that the drivers don't face any difficulties and stay equipped with all the required features.

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That said, here we have compiled a list of five Uber driver's app features that impact the commuters' user experience in one or the other way, and will give them a chance to experience the other side of coin.

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Moreover, these will help our driver friends have a better understanding of the Uber App. Here you go.

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Driver Destinations

There are instances when you book a ride and driver refuses to accept the duty. Uber understands that this is quite irritating for users, can hamper user experience and also affects the brand image. To overcome the problem, Uber has come out with a solution that allows Uber drivers to choose the destinations they want to take. Twice a day, drivers can input their destination and Uber will only send trip requests that are on their way.

As per Uber, this helps reduce driver cancellations and unavailability if driver goes offline.

Forward Dispatch

Forward Dispatch is a feature designed to improve the experience for the drivers as well as the commuters. The feature allows drivers to receive their next trip request, while they are a couple of minutes away from completing their current trip, thus reducing idle time for drivers.

The feature also ensures that riders get a car at the earliest.

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Pause Requests

Driving can be a fun if you are taking your ride on a highway but can be very tiring if you are spending more than 12 hours on city's busy roads. That said, ‘Pause Request' is a feature that makes driver offline so they could take a break and grab lunch, get their petrol or gas refilled or a take a quick break.

As per Uber, this tool is designed for drivers who want to log off the app after dropping off their passenger, instead of having to decline trip requests while their last rider is in the car. Drivers can simply press the button again when they're ready to get back on the road.

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Heat Maps

This feature is designed to cut the idle time for drivers and those who never want to miss a duty. The feature introduces a heat map that provides drivers with recommended areas where they're most likely to get their next ride depending on demand and supply at that location. This ensures less waiting time for a trip and less fuel wastage. The feature also helps commuters to easily get a cab.

Daily reports

How about getting a report card at the end of the day? Daily reports is a feature that gives drivers useful information about their driving pattern compared to other drivers in their city. The feature also gives suggestions on how to provide a smoother, safer ride.

The suggestions include messages in the driver app informing drivers that mounting their phone on the dashboard is safer than holding the phone in their hands. It also displays speed information that alerts drivers about the speed of their vehicle

Drivers also get reminders about the importance of taking a break when they need it.

Besides, the feature also has Auto-Pilot option that gives drivers the choice to automatically accept their next trip. This ensures that they are not distracted while driving.

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