5 Interesting Features Facebook Is Prepping to Introduce

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Facebook has come up with several new features recently and is planning to bring about many more in the recent future.

5 Interesting Features Facebook Is Prepping to Introduce

Working with a mission to connect the world by improving access to the Internet, Facebook is coming up with features to help overcome barriers including poor connection speeds.

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Here are a few new features that Facebook is testing and has planned launch for its users very soon.

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Messenger Lite for People with Slower Phones

Facebook is all set to launch a much lighter version of its existing Messenger app, catering to people with a slower and limited Internet connection. The app is expected to serve people with old phones and doesn't need an updated Android version.

The new Facebook Messenger Lite app will work almost similar to the Messenger app, and will allow users to send text, photos, and stickers while consuming a much lesser memory of their devices.


Facebook Mimics Snapchat's Stories Feature in its new 'Messenger Day'

It is not new for Facebook to copy Snapchat and its features. Facebook is about to launch its new Messenger Day features, it is a replica of Snapchat Stories feature.

Using this app, the users can share their photos and videos with friends and family, and also add interesting stickers and filters to them. The catch point is that the posts shared through this feature will be removed after 24 hours of the publishing time similar to that of Snapchat.

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Facebook Messenger Gets Polls Features

Facebook is rolling a new feature to its Messaging app and is all set to provide its users with an in-chat polling feature that will be available on both iOS and Android starting this week.

This messaging feature is available only in a group conversation making it easy to make decisions and plans to go watch a movie, restaurants to try out, and much more.

The poll icon appears in the composer and anyone present in the group can use it by entering questions and a series of answer choices.

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Facebook Plans to Bring in New Twitter-like Feature to Boost Conversations

Facebook is not only copying Snapchat, but Twitter as well. The social media platform is currently testing a feature called ‘What friends are talking about,' which looks quite similar to that of 'Twitter's own timeline' feature.

With the new feature, Facebook aims to get users heavily engaged with their friends by collecting a few recent posts from friends and places and highlight them on the top of the news feeds.


All About Facebook Messenger's Chat Assist Feature

With Facebook's new "chat assist" function, users can make payments through Messenger at anytime helping themto make better payment. This feature will make a payment via debit card or other payment methods easier for its users.

With this feature, users no longer have to trust upon the other third party apps including PayPal, Square Cash, and Venmo. Promoting the service in chat could increase the level of adoption and engagement among the Facebook users.


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