5 Must-have Apps to Monitor Home When You're Away on a Christmas Holiday!

This Christmas season, go on a holiday without any worries!

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With the Christmas season almost approaching, it is the season of holiday and festivity. This is the time of the year when people across the world plan up for long holidays. While you're away from home, what if something inevitable happens at your home? Scary isn't it?

5 Must-have Apps to Monitor Home When You're Away on a Holiday!

In the technologically advanced environment today, millions of apps are available in the App store, which has surely made life easy and simple for all. There are various categories of apps available in the Play Store, and there's no doubt that there are apps that let users have control on their homes in their absence.

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Well, there are thousands of such home management apps available in both Google Play Store or App Store, which might often confuse many of us on which might be the best one and the most easy-to-use app. Hence, we at GizBot have listed out 5 apps that will let you monitor your house with your smartphone

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SmartThings Mobile

SmartThings is available for both Android and iOS users, and lets the user easily control, monitor, and secure their home in there absence.

Users are required to just purchase the SmartThings Hub, download the free app, and add any number of connected lights, locks, and sensors they require to build a smart home as per their requirements. This app ensures the house's safety when you are away, and also notifies in the case of any inevitable event and keeps home under surveillance.

Samsung Smart Home

Samsung is a widely used brand across the globe. Hence, the Samsung Smart Home app will surely be useful to a lot of people.

The Samsung Smart Home app allow the users to quickly and easily connect with various Samsung home appliances, be ita refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, and all other Samsung devices via their smartphones.


This Android app called ImperiHome can control the home automation system from a single and highly customizable platform by directly connecting to all the home appliances using APIs and also allows the user to remotely interact with all the home appliances.

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Loxone Smart Home

Loxone Smart Home application controls every household activity, be it switching off the lights or keeping a check on your home while you're away for a vacation. The app controls all the smart home function be it lighting, multi-room audio, energy management, task recorder, weather data, room temperature control, and more.

Gideon Smart Home

This app makes a smart home in just one single app. Gideon Smart Home control everything present within the house starting from entertainment systems to security, heating and lighting, and more with just one single platform. The app simplifies home connectivity into one app making it easy for all to use it efficiently and keep a check in their absence.

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