Instagram Sunset Photo Drop Trend Might Not Be Just A Trend


If you are an avid Instagram user, then you might have already seen quite a few stories with sunset pictures. And you might be wondering why suddenly everyone on Instagram is uploading pictures of the sunset? This is because of the new feature, where, you can now ask your friends to upload pictures of specific traits on Instagram.

Instagram Sunset Photo Drop Trend Might Not Be Just A Trend

How To Drop Your Sunset Photo On Instagram?

To drop a sunset picture on Instagram, browse the stories on Instagram until you find one of the stories that say drop your best sunset photos, and then click on add yours to upload your sunset photo. Do note that this chain was started by a user named sattwika, which currently has over 852k pictures

This is a story chain, which means, you can only use this feature by clicking on someone else's story which is already in the chain. Do note that, though it says drop your best sunset photos, you can actually upload any photo with this new feature, and it will go live on your Instagram stories without any issue.

Should You Drop Your Best Sunset Photo?

If you believe you have a good photo that you like to showcase to the world, then this is a great platform to do the same. Even if you have a closed or private profile, a photo uploaded through "drop your best sunset photos" will be visible to everyone who has uploaded a photo under this chain.

Facebook is known for collecting user data, and this is another way of doing so. I highly believe a lot more trends similar to dropping your best sunset photos will come and go, and Facebook might analyze all those photos to improve the image recognition algorithm. Hence, I don't recommend you upload a sunset photo with a picture of your family or friend.


If you already have a public account, there is nothing to worry about, as all of your stories are already visible to everyone. However, if you have a private account, then think twice before following any trend blindly, as you would be giving your data to Facebook.

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