MS Excel Shortcut Keys: Best 15 MS Excel Keyboard Shortcut Keys You Should Know


Microsoft Excel is probably one of the handiest and extensively used tools today. With calculations, graph tools, tables, and many others - Microsoft Excel is an easy software for all your professional and personal work. However, having a couple of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel could make it much easier to operate.

Best 15 MS Excel Keyboard Shortcut Keys You Should Know

Whether you're a pro getting a hang of the keyboard shortcuts could help save time and boost productivity. And if you're a beginner, learning the keyboard shortcuts will help you navigate through MS Excel much easily. We've listed out 15 simple and easy-to-remember shortcut keys for Microsoft Excel.

Best 15 MS-Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

F4: Repeats the previous command, including repeating the last action.
F9: One of the most important shortcut keys, this enables you to calculate all worksheets in all open workbooks.
F11: Enables you to make a bar graph on the selected data in a separate sheet.
F12: Pops open the Save As window, allowing you to save the MS Excel file in any location you wish.
Shift + F11: This allows you to insert a new worksheet within the same MS Excel workbook.
Shift + F9: Shortcut enables calculations only in the active worksheets.
Shift + Arrow key: Adds a new cell in the direction of the Arrow key used.
Ctrl + F1: The shortcut helps to show or hide the ribbon.
Ctrl + F2: Switches to print preview.
Ctrl + Shift + U: Expands or collapses the formula bar.
Ctrl + Shift + $: Selected cells formatted as currency.
Ctrl + Shift + #: Selected cells formatted as date with day, month, year format.
Ctrl + Shift + %: Selected cells formatted as percentage.
Alt + F1: This allows you to make an embedded bar chart on the selected cells.
Alt + Q: Shortcut key opens the 'Tell me what you want to do', enabling you to search for a feature.


Bonus Shortcut Keys To Remember

Apart from these, there are a couple of basic shortcut keys that can be used across Microsoft Office. Some are listed below:

Ctrl + Z: Undo an action
Ctrl + Y: Redo an action
Ctrl + F4: Closes the opened file
Ctrl + S: Saves the file'
Ctrl + N: Opens new page

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