Too Dependent on Internet? Apps to Reduce Internet Addiction & Improve Productivity

Internet addiction causes depression and affects work. Come out of it with these apps.

By Sneha

    Living in the digitally advanced era, the internet, social media platforms, and smart devices have become the key aspect for our survival. Alongside advancing us digitally and making us more informative, the internet can also cause some issues such as depression.

    Too Dependent on Internet? Apps to Reduce Internet Addiction

    Several neuroscientists have earlier asserted that modern day technology is drastically changing our thought process, severely damaging the brain cells and affecting the way we think.

    Life without the internet will be dull for most of us as it reduces the physical labor that will make work easier. Eventually, the Internet has made us lazy, dumb and overly dependent on it.

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    Overusing the internet is highly addictive, threatens relationships, leads to disastrous sleep patterns, and other serious health concerns. Along with just affecting the physical health of a person, it is also responsible for depression, anxiety, and other mental issues.

    Using the internet is not bad as you get access to a vast range of information, but over usage of it can prove to be highly risky. To our rescue, here are some apps available that let the users build selfcontrol and restrict their internet usage.

    Offtime - Distraction Free

    Befitting the name, this app is available for both Android and iOS users and enable users to block everything that distracts them from finishing the day to day activity. Offtime filters the apps on the smartphone, be it Facebook, gaming apps, or others. The app enables the users to customize their phone usage limit and allows them to focus on work more than just on their smartphone.

    Using this app, individuals can create profiles, where they can block unwanted calls, texts, and notifications for a limited time, when at work. It also allows users to send out auto-responses to people who can't be ignored without even touching their smartphone. At the end of the day, Offtime will update the user with all the notifications and activities throughout the day and doesn't let them miss anything.

    QualityTime - My Digital Diet

    The app helps the users monitor their smartphone and online activities by providing them with real-time reports on the amount of time they spend on their smartphone and other apps on their phone. QualityTime offers an in-depth analysis and delivers hourly, daily, or weekly report on the basis of the smartphone's activities by tracking the complete usage. It also offers the ability to curb over using the internet with the help of the unique actionable feature that allows the users to set their own time restrictions on when to use the smartphone or access the internet or social media.


    Befitting the name, this iOS app lets users build a control on themselves. SelfControl is an open source application that allows the users to block their own access to a certain website, app, notifications or be it anything and everything on the Internet that are supposedly distracting them during working hours. Users can set a time period to block the sites and apps that distract them with the help of the timer in the app.

    Until the timer expires, the app restricts the website or the other distracting sites, apps or servers. Within the limited time-frame, the users will not be able to access those sites or the blocked areas even if they delete the app or restart the device.

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    Stay on Task

    Recently upgraded to the new Stay On Task Plus, the application helps the users improve their concentration at work, rather than just spending time with their smartphone. The premium version of the application let users customize notifications and set alarm tones. It offers the ability to schedule times to automatically start tracking workstations and also lets them temporarily pause their work.

    Flipd: Distraction Blocker

    This app works as a distraction blocker for the users. People who get easily distracted by their smartphones can quickly become productive with this app. Flipd is a simple and easy to use distraction blocker application that prevents the users from shifting their concentration from work to their phones. The app keeps the user focused, improves attention, and increases productivity by removing all the distractions.

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