WhatsApp To Allow Saving “Disappearing Messages”: Here’s How The Feature Could Work

WhatsApp To Allow Saving “Disappearing Messages”

WhatsApp has been testing multiple features, and one of them could allow users to save messages that are rigged to disappear. The new feature or tool, dubbed "Kept" could help users retain disappearing messages, which only remain in the chat window for a short duration before being deleted by the platform automatically. Let's see how the new experimental feature could help WhatsApp users.


WhatsApp Testing "Kept Messages" Tool To Save Disappearing Chats

WhatsApp offers its users one of the simplest and most straightforward chat windows. However, the instant messaging platform also allows group chat admins and personal chats to have a few features that cause the messages to disappear automatically. The newly discovered "Kept Messages" tool could help WhatsApp users to retain the "Disappearing Messages".

Disappearing messages offer an extra layer of privacy and safety to users who use the platform often to share sensitive information or private data with their contacts in their conversations. As the name of the feature implies, the disappearing messages feature allows receivers to access or view a sensitive message which automatically disappears from the chat without manually deleting it.

It is important to note that this feature differs from the "View Once" feature, which deletes the message immediately after it has been accessed or viewed once. The Disappearing Messages feature deletes a message after 24 hours of landing in the chat window. The new Kept Messages feature could help users keep such messages for a longer duration of time.

How Will The "Kept Messages" Feature Work?

The Kept Messages feature can offer users more control over conversations and allow them to choose whether the messages in the chat should or shouldn't automatically delete. By using this feature, everyone in a group conversation could be able to retain or see the disappearing messages shared in the chat.

Users who don't wish to keep the messages and want them to disappear from the chat can choose the 'un-keep' switch at any time. This would trigger the deletion of the messages marked to disappear from the chat window.


There could be a visual marker on the chat, which should help users differentiate between disappearing messages and saved ones. The "Saved message" indicator could be similar to the Star icon which appears on any message which has been "favorited".

The Kept Messages is an experimental feature not yet available to WhatsApp users. The feature has been spotted in the Android beta update of WhatsApp. The messaging platform might release the feature for everyone in the future, but it would obviously undergo testing before being included in a stable update of WhatsApp.

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