Blippar Halos is an Augmented Reality app with facial recognition features

Blippar has launched an app that features AR facial recognition and has an accuracy of 99.67% along with the capability of recognizing 3,70,000 public figures, however, the app is in the beta phase.

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Blippar has launched a new smartphone app, Halos, that focuses on Augmented Reality face profiles and has introduced facial recognition into the mainstream. Blippar claims that Halos is the fastest face recognition technology available. The app has certainly provided smartphone users with an augmented reality experience unlike anything before.

Blippar Halos is an Augmented Reality app with facial recognition

Blippar also claims that the app has an accuracy of 99.67%. Halos, which is in a beta phase, allows users to scan faces with the help of smartphone camera. The app offers features such as creating AR face profiles and 'blipping' which are basically face scanning of users. A face can either be scanned through printed images, digital screens and obviously in person.

Halos users will have complete control over their AR profile and content.

Blippar first came out with facial recognition technology in December 2016. The tech could easily recognize over 70,000 public figures. The number has increased to 3,70,000 making the app stand out among the rest with similar virtue.

Ambarish Mitra, Co-founder & CEO at Blippar, stated, "Face is one of the most unique and expressive forms of communication. Our new in-app feature, Halos, the AR face profiles, changes the face into digital format for the very first time, providing an innovative and dynamic way of expressing ourselves and discovering the world around us. This new technology also lends itself to many other forms of implementation, and we are happy to share our APIs and technology with other companies who wish to encourage innovation in their own industries."

Blippar hopes to change the way people interact online and Halos certainly introduces an ingenuine method of doing so.

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