WhatsApp Launches Resource Hub For Safety In India: Everything You Need To Know


WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has established a dedicated resource center for "Safety in India." This site will inform users on a variety of WhatsApp safety features and mechanisms that will assist them in remaining "safe, smart, and secure - online." The resource site also highlights WhatsApp's cutting-edge technologies and India-specific protocols for preventing misinformation from spreading on the app.

WhatsApp Launches Resource Hub For Safety In India

The centre informs users about various security features, such as two-step authentication, forward limitations, block, and report, vanishing messages, group privacy settings, end-to-end encrypted backup, admin controls, flash calls, and more. A user can contact the Grievance Officer if he or she is being abused on the platform. The website also describes how the Indian grievance process works.

WhatsApp End-to-end encryption Feature

WhatsApp has made "major product modifications" to "increase security and privacy," according to the resource portal. Furthermore, it emphasizes its end-to-end encryption capabilities and how they aid in making the messaging and calling experience secure and confidential on numerous levels.

It describes how security measures such as two-factor authentication, the ability to lock WhatsApp using Touch ID and FaceID for iPhone users, and fingerprint unlock for Android users have been enabled.

WhatsApp Bot Feature Explained

It also discusses how it restricts the spread of viral or fake news by restricting the number of people who may see a message and labeling forwarded or 'forwarded many times' labels to indicate that it has been widely circulated.

10 fact-checking groups assist users in verifying information using a WhatsApp bot in India, according to the "Safety in India" resource site. "They (WhatsApp bots) are activated through the WhatsApp API-platform approach and are authorized by the International Fact-Checking Network," according to the hub.

The bot provided by IFCN is a free service. Users can text, "Hi" to get a message or information authenticated by saving +1 (727) 2912606 as a contact number.


Resolving Complaints In India

Another segment discusses how they are combating abuse in India by contacting a grievance officer in India who can be reached if they are unable to report it in other methods. WhatsApp also discussed its monthly reports, in which it details how many accounts it has blocked, terminated, or suspended from the platform as a result of user reports.

Clarifications On Chat Leaks

It has also clarified chat leaks, stating that WhatsApp communications cannot be read by WhatsApp because to its end-to-end encryption and that it does not keep messages once they have been transmitted. In 30 days, undeliverable communications are discarded.

It emphasises that a user's device's primary storage could contain user data, including messages. To protect this, it encourages them to use the OS's security mechanisms to prevent unauthorized users from having access to it.

Safety In India Resource Hub

The establishment of a dedicated 'Safety in India' resource portal demonstrates the company's commitment to educating and empowering customers to take charge of their online safety. WhatsApp has made substantial product enhancements over the years to assist improve user security and privacy.

WhatsApp has constantly invested in cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, data scientists, experts, and processes to ensure user safety, in addition to continuous product advancements. These resources will provide people with the knowledge they need to protect their privacy and properly traverse the internet.

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