Vlingo: Siri like app for Android ICS devices

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Vlingo: Siri like app for Android ICS devices

Remember the S Voice app in the Samsung Galaxy S3? The creators of the S Voice, the voice recognition software have released a similar app for the Android ICS powered devices. A couple of days back we reported that S Voice was leaked and the devices running the Android ICS OS can have feature. This has revealed that the application is compatible with all the ICS devices.

Understanding the demand for the application, the makers of it have launched the Vlingo that is similar to the S Voice. This app is meant for all the ICS based devices. It is currently in the Beta stage but it promises to offer Siri like functionality to the Android devices.

Vlingo is a voice assistant that is capable for performing tasks based on the commands of the users. The app links itself to all the functions of the Android devices and performs the required task when asked for. The engine of Vlingo is tuned to understand various accents. As the app is in the Beta stage, there might be some problems. When compared with the other voice assistant apps for Android OS, the Vlingo is the most accurate and is useful.

The app can be downloaded for free for the Google Play Store. As of now, it is available for the US and Canada users alone. It will soon be launched in the other parts of the world including India. The main requirement for the app is Android ICS. Hopefully, the developer launches the app soon for the other countries so that we can have our hands on it.]

Click here to download the Vlingo app.

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