Cheap Android tablet from Eser: A10

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Cheap Android tablet from Eser: A10


Eser has come out with a low budget tablet which is suitable for simple processing users who are expecting not much innovative experience. This cool tablet is named Eser A10. This surprising move by Eser is really cool news for low budget users. Eser is hoping for a good response from the public with this innovative idea.

Key Features:

  • 7-inch display screen

  • 1.2GHz BoxChip CPU

  • Good resolution of 800×480

  • Internal storage memory of 4GB

  • SD card slot for external storage

  • Android 2.3 OS

  • HDMI out capability

  • Wi-Fi capability

  • Front facing camera

  • USB dongle for 3G connectivity

  • Decoding capability of 2160p videos

Its wide screen is best suitable for watching high quality videos without losing much effectiveness. This is cool for skipping easily between pages and also for watching picture gallery.

This cool tablet assures high speed multi tasking capability with good smoothness in use. Its touch screen display is again a worth mentionable point. The front facing camera with A10 tablet benefit users with cool video calling and chatting experience. The excellent video decoding capability of Eser A10 is really surprising for music lovers and video lovers that too with this cool price.

It’s pretty decent internal memory and options for external storage are good features to be mentioned with this low budget tablet. The tablet is cool in looks with its stylish appearance and smart black colour. This is quite surprising from Eser with all these features offers this product at a decent price. Yet other important piece of information to be noted is that it is out with the most demanded Android 2.3 OS which enhances its built in cool features. The arrival of this tablet is cool news for Android admirers as well.

Some reviewers even doubted that this is an April fool teaser. Eser cleared the doubts with the official announcement. Then also they didn’t expect this much cool specs with this tablet. But these doubts are also cleared with single news of the operating system punched in this tablet.

Users who are looking forward to a gadget which assures good speed and power that too without losing much money from the pocket can surely go ahead with Eser A10 tablet. This budget friendly tablet will surely mark its entry in the tablet market and also in the Android market. This cool tablet A10 from Eser can be purchased at a cheap price of around Rs. 3,000/-.

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