5 interesting things to know about Desktop Dining!

    Desktop dining is on the rise. Desktop Dining literally means eating your lunch or dinner in front of your Desktop Computer. Activities might include watching a movie, Video or listening to music. However, this is more likely to be an entertainment activity. Several people are now eating food stuffs as they browse their PC or eat and drink as they are watching a movie or a video. If you have unfinished work, chances are that you are typing out something as you eat, though the chances are still low.

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    Desktop Dining is on the Rise, it has some positive and negative aspects. We look at 5 aspects about Desktop dining and everything that you need to know


    While Desktop Dining is watching movie on a PC and eating your food, you should remember that you are not watching TV.


    You are not holding a remote, chances are that you are dirtying your keyboard or mouse with your hands. You have more control over re-looping your favorite scene in the movie.


    You are interested in watching the movie, more than ever and are focusing on the movie and not eating your food.


    Are you watching sports videos? Are you watching your favorite movie starring your favorite actor or actress? Are you watching a Cartoon? Are you watching music videos? or Are you watching Adult videos?


    This can cause indigestion, flatulence etc and a range of indigestion problems. So watch your food even as you are eating food while watching that movie. Scientists and Researchers suggests that Desktop Dining comes with its share of problems.


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