5 ways to save money on your MacBook purchase


    MacBooks from Apple are some of the best laptops money can buy. But unfortunately, you need a lot of it. But given the quality and features that you get in each one, the price tag is justified. Knowing a few handy tricks will help the thriftier shopper get a better deal when buying a new MacBook. You can get a new MacBook by either trading in your old one for a new one or by selling your old one online by yourself. Even if you don’t have an old MacBook on you, you can get your hands on a new one without shelling out too much by knowing how to shop for one.

    Make a list of the features that you need and set a budget

    Make a list of the features that you need and set a budget

    Once you've started to engage in the exercise of looking for the best deals out there, it is easy to be tempted by juicy-looking deals for features you don't actually need. You might end up shelling out more than you have to. So the best thing to do is to make a list of all the things that you're really looking for and set a budget and consider how flexible you are with it. These can be useful to pull you back when you see deals that interest you.

    The right time to buy

    Keeping an eye out for the release date of the new MacBook before you end up buying one is a wise thing to do. You do not want to end up buying a MacBook a week before the new one hits the shelves. The MacRumor's Buyer's Guide with its up-to-date information allows you to know the following:

    • Number of days since the current model was released

    • Average number of days between models

    • Number of days between all recent releases of that product line

    • Rumors about the new product and what features it will have

    • Ratings: Buy Now, Neutral, Caution, Don't Buy

    The Apple Store isn’t always the best store

    The Apple Store retail or Apple's online store will make you pay the price displayed on the tag. But if you look for something from an authorized Apple reseller like Amazon, you will be able to find more discounts.

    Refurbished or Used MacBook

    Refurbished or Used MacBook

    Apple laptops are known for their ability to withstand the test of time. And MacBooks hold their resale value because of this ability of theirs. And this also means that it is pretty safe to buy a refurbished or used MacBook compared to other laptops. You can either get from Apple's official refurbished store. Because they aren't new, they come with a discount that is 10-20 percent lower than the actual price. You can also get your hands on MacBooks from resellers or directly from previous owners.

    “Savings” to “Accessories” fund

    Using the money that you have saved while buying your MacBook to get yourself a Magic Mouse or a replacement USB-C power adapter is a smart way to not end up wasting too much of your money.

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