Here's how you can use VLC Media Player to record your PC screen

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There are many tools and software that can help you record or capture your screen but they usually come at a premium. Some may come as free tools but you know the features are usually limited.

However, screen capture or recording your PC screen is perhaps the most efficient way to share whatever appears on your desktop. Also capturing your computer screen is a useful trick in all sorts of situations, ranging from creating tutorials to capturing web moments or any other use case you can think of.

Here's how you can use VLC Media Player to record your PC screen

Well, if this is the case or you may have some other requirements to record your screen then look no further. You could actually use the VLC media player to record your PC screen without installing other recording software or tool on your computer.

Having said that, some people may argue that this can also be done with other media players but VLC media player has some features that make it unique and pretty much useful. In fact, you can actually use VLC media player for a lot of things. In addition, VLC supports the majority of the video formats. So it makes a lot of things easier for you.

Besides, in this post, you'll be guided on how you can use VLC media player to record your PC screen.

You can follow the instructions given below.

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Step #1

First, if you have the VLC media player installed on your computer then open it. After opening it, on the left top corner click on the 'Media' tab from the menu bar and select the 'Open Capture Device' from the drop-down list.

Step #2

Once you select the 'Open Capture Device' a new window will pop-up. Select the ‘Desktop' option from the Capture Mode. Remember to increase the frame rate to 10.00 below. Once done with the selection, click on play arrow and select the Convert.

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Step #3

Again a new window will appear and here you have to click on 'Create new profile' button presented at the front of the profile. Enter the desired profile name in the box at the top and select the third option (mp4/mov) under Encapsulation and click on create button at the bottom.

On the other hand, if you want to save the file to a designated folder then click on browse button to give a destination to the file where you want to save it. After clicking on browser button, give a name that ends with .mp4. For example, test.mp4.

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Now, your screen recorder setup is done and you will be able to record your screen just by clicking on START button. You can minimize the VLC media player. The VLC will now record whatever you are doing on your screen. To stop the recording, you can just close the VLC player.

The file will be saved automatically and you can access the recorded file at the destination place which you specified earlier.

Having listed out the steps, you can give it a try for yourself. Use VLC media player to record your entire screen.

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