First ICS based tablet PC - The NOVO 7

Posted By: Rahul

First ICS based tablet PC - The NOVO 7

Another choice for a great Android tablet is on the way. Integrated with Californian MIPS technology, the new tablet named as NOVO7 will be running in Google’s Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich reportedly. NOVO7 is endorsed by Google’s own Andy Rubin.

NOVO7 comes with a non ARM ICS slate integrated with MIPS SoC technology and has a 7 inch marvelous display. With a first of its kind ICS slate, NOVO7 is quite unique and is entitled the first ICS based Tablet. The performance of NOVO7 is very impressive because it’s powered by a more impressive XBurst processor based on MIPS technology and manufactured by the China based Ingenic Semiconductor and is called JZ4770. The processor is of 1 GHz. NOVO7 equips a powerful VIVANTE GC860 GPU.

The GC860 GPU lets the user of NOVO7 watch full HD 1080p videos and full HD games. This tablet also supports 3D video gaming. The MIPS Technology in the tablet gives it great efficiency in the operation time. The Camera specifications are not that impressive as the tablet is said to equip primary and secondary cameras but the disappointing fact is that the camera at the rear is just a 2 Mega pixel camera. Besides the great capacitive touchscreen display, NOVO7 tablet comes with a USB v2.0 port and a micro HDMI port. The front facing camera serves the purpose of video conferencing but not that impressive. NOVO7 supports microSD cards and comes with a slot for one.


  • 7 inch capacitive touchscreen

  • Great GPU with full HD support and 3D gaming

  • Powerful processor with MIPS Technology

  • Integrates an ICS Slate

  • OS is Android Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Efficient and long operating time

  • Reasonable and budget friendly price tag


  • Not so great primary and secondary cameras.

  • Not very durable

The tablet manufacturers don’t need to worry because the tablet just got appreciated by Google’s Andy Rubin, which is a pretty great endorsement for NOVO7.

NOVO7 surprised Google with its performance and has acquired the Google Compatibility Test Suite Certification making it eligible to run Google’s applications along with the great number of Android applications. Internal memory specifications and details of the touchscreen, namely the resolution, haven’t been revealed yet.

NOVO7 boasts to give a web browsing time of 7 hours and supports gaming for six long hours as well. NOVO7 tablet is reported to have a cheaper price tag in Indian, excluding the shipping charges. The exact price details are yet to be confirmed.

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