HP Touchpad Ports To Android

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HP Touchpad Ports To Android
In the history of Computer, CyanogenMod has been the first of its kind team that managed to implement the functioning of android in the touchpad. The creation of this port came in to light when HP openly declared Rs 85,000 bounties for those who come up with the formula of running android in a touchpad. Now, it has eventually forced Cyanogen Mod to release the first alpha release of CM7 android ports for HP touchpad. This unprecedented discovery has actually created a buzz in the industry circles.

This latest discovery of the alpha version of CM7 android port for HP touch pad has found many willing to test it at least once. Even though HP has extended a conditional support to CyanogenMod, the fact remains that any implementation of this alpha release of CM7 for the HP touchpad will eventually void the warrant period offer that comes with the HTC touchpad. The working seems to be pretty comfortable with the HP touchpad without any sort of interruptions coming on its way. The functioning of Bluetooth as well as the gaming is all happening fine.

The implementation has not caused any sort of distortions so far as the sources are concerned. Even the screen appears intact and comes with an accurate response even after implementing the CM7 android port to HP touch pad which is a remarkable improvement. Even the functioning of the video is picture perfect as well as the audio functioning which is also crystal clear. It is further enhanced by the smooth functioning of the working components in HP touch pad after implementing CM7.

The features that were functioning smoothly after implementing CM7 android ports for HP Touch pad includes unconditional support for the touch screen as well as GPU acceleration technology. Dual-core processing was also functioning without fail. The implementation of CM7 has not even had any kind of bad effects on the sensors like accelerometer as well as proximity sensors. The sound quality as well as the camera functioning was also taking place normally without any problems.

Several other standard features like the vibration alert application as well as the backlight operations were also working well in the HP touch pad port to android. Even the Wi-Fi features had also been perfectly intact since the implementation of CM7 android port for HP touch pad. But there is to some extent applications compatibility issues, which Cyanogen Mod is sure to remove to achieve 100% success. The CM7 port as of now is purely meant for those who wish to take risks keeping in mind that you are about to lose your warranty once you make use of this product. The port is also expected to support 3D gaming as well as 720p of video recording functionality.

The price in India of CM7 android port for HP touch pad has not been declared yet.

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