Medion LifeTab P9514: A feature rich, affordable tablet

Posted By: Rahul

 Medion LifeTab P9514: A feature rich, affordable tablet

Android tablets of all sizes, shapes and features are coming out on a daily basis. Majority of these Android tablets are heavily priced, although they are feature rich. Medion seems to have come up with its own Android tablet as a solution, obviously reasonably priced. This new Medion tablet is quite feature rich as well that can readily impress you and they are giving it away for an attractive price tag too.

The new Medion tablet is named as Medion LifeTab P9514 and doesn’t look different than any other tablets. The difference is in the features and performance. With a sleek gloss black finish on the front and a smooth grey plastic on the black, Medion LifeTab P9514 has a decently built body, but is comparatively a bit heavier than most tablets. The design isn’t unique but the 10.1 inch TFT touchscreen display will definitely attract you. The screen is bright and responds quite well to your touch gestures.

Features of Medion LifeTab P9514

  • 10.1 inch TFT Touchscreen display

  • 32 GB internal Memory

  • Looks quite stylish

  • Micro SD memory card and SIM slots

  • HDMI out

  • Dock connector

  • Google’s Android v3.2 Honeycomb Operating System

  • Flash web browsing

  • ES File Explorer app for easy file management

  • Documents to Go Suite integrated similar to MS Office

  • Dual cameras – 5 Megapixel on the rear and 2 Megapixel camera on the front

  • Front camera supports video conferencing

  • Faster charging with dock connectors

Disadvantages of Medion LifeTab P9514:

  • Dots on the screen visible at certain angles, mainly when there is light

  • Power and volume buttons are poor and requires the user to press them hard

  • Heavier than most tablets with 720gram weight

  • Not very stable with the OS as home screen gets more sluggish with the increase in the number of widgets

  • Cameras doesn’t offer much image quality and the photos lack decent colour

  • Low battery life of up to 5 hours

Although, Medion LifeTab is feature rich, there are a lot of quality issues. The performance of LifeTab P9514 isn’t that bad but the issues with the Android Honeycomb OS can be a bit disturbing at times. The cameras are way better than that in the iPad2, but the image quality isn’t that impressive.

The battery efficiency, Medion boasts is 8 hours. But there have been confirmed reports that LifeTab P9514 runs out of juice in 5 hours or so. That’s a disappointment. But it can be charged faster with the dock connectors than by using micro USB charging. The 720 gram weight of the tablet makes it harder to hold in one hand for long. Conclusively, the price tag is reasonable. The Medion LifeTab P9514 is priced around Rs 25,000/- in India.

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