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When using a computer, it is always better to know keyboard shortcuts. A recent research states that using Mouse for all computer activities has some negative effects on the human body. So experts recommend using keyboard shortcuts instead of a Mouse. We provide you a list of Windows keyboard shortcuts through which your computing becomes easy. These shortcuts are:

Basic Shortcuts:

F1: Help

ALT+TAB: To switch between open programs

CTRL+ESC: Opens start Menu

ALT+F4:Quits programs

SHIFT+DELETE: Permanently deletes a single item or group of items

Windows Logo+L: Locks the computer

CTRL+C: Copy



CTRL+B:For putting a selection in bold

CTRL+U: For underlining a selection

CTRL+I:For putting a selection in Italics.

 Keyboard shortcuts which work  in sync with the Mouse:

Shift+Right Click: Display Menu with alternate commands

Shift+Double Click:Runs the alternate default command

ALT+Double Click:Displays associated properties

Some Dialog Box Keyboard shortcuts

TAB: Move to the next dialog box

SHIFT+TAB: Move to the previous dialog box

SPACEBAR: Toggles the check box & enables you to click buttons & select options

ESC: Equivalent to cancel

ENTER: Click the select button

Windows Explorer shortcuts:

* :Expand everything under current selection

+ : Expand current selection

- :Collapse current selection

RIGHT ARROW Key: Expand current selection or go the secondary selections

LEFT ARROW Key: Collapse current selection if expanded otherwise go to the primary selection.

Thus, use these keyboard shortcuts & experience enriched computing.

Read the keyboard shortcuts in Hindi

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