Windows XP is the biggest threat to Windows 8

Posted By: Rahul

Windows XP is the biggest threat to Windows 8

According to experts, Microsoft's most popular operating system, the XP is still popular among people across the world & is expected to provide stiff competition to Microsoft's latest operating system the Windows 8.

The Windows XP has just not been phased out & is being preferred even in large establishments, companies. The experts also said that people have a general notion that the Windows XP is more user-friendly than any of the operating systems in the world. This in turn is leading to people still opting to have Windows XP running in their computers.

In some countries people even opt to buy their computers with Windows XP as the operating system. These people cannot stand to bear the fact that they have to upgrade their computers with Windows 8 which means that their favorite Windows XP will have to be phased out. This is leading to a sort of negative publicity for Windows 8.

But the experts also state that Windows 8 in spite of facing stiff competition will overcome the huddles & be the most successful & popular operating system from Microsoft. Reply with your opinion in our comment section below.

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