Here are 5 weird gadgets that you thought would never exist

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There are many gadgets that are being designed and implemented to bring simplicity to our lives. Samsung is one of them who do the unthinkable. And among major ideas running in their design labs, we came across a few.

5 weird gadgets that you thought would never exist

There are other players in the market that have brought about their own innovation too. But in all its glory and features, these devices seem a little uncalled for and weird in their own way. Here are 5 gadgets that are weird, yet cool.

Samsung Galaxy Surfboard

If the Galaxy range of phones were not enough to satisfy their vision to reach millions of consumers, Samsung now wants you to go surfing too with a Galaxy board. Getting notifications, messages, even weather conditions are all on board. Watch the board in action!

Samsung Family Hub

We own many devices in our home: tablets, phones, PCs. In comes the Samsung Family Hub, which is a refrigerator with a huge touch screen. You can stream your TV, listen to music, check your calendar and better still, you view what's in your refrigerator without opening the door. If that sounds cool, maybe you should watch the video.

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5 weird gadgets that you thought would never exist

Samsung Welt

Wearing Samsung's Welt, people may mistake it for a regular belt. But this wearable keeps track of the users waist size, eating habits and the number of steps taken, among other features. Who knows if Samsung will create smart pants with automatic zippers.

5 weird gadgets that you thought would never exist

LG Action Cam

LG introduced its own action camera. With built-in 4G LTE! Recording and LIVE streaming your moments can gain instant likes and shares, but it still feels weird to spend so much on a device like this, while you still incurring addition data cost.

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5 weird gadgets that you thought would never exist


This device is invented for those who are too conscious about the nutritional benefits of everything that they eat. Or to find the what elements make up a product that you've purchased. Researchers can always keep this handy. But it still begs the question of whether we really need it. Imagine scanning a bowl of Maggi noodles with this every day!

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