Don’t Believe in These 10 Router Myths!

    Everyone is familiar with the Wi-Fi router that has its special place in your home and provides every family member with that much-needed internet pleasure.

    Whether you want to watch your favorite YouTube video or comment on your friend's FB photo, the router is one guy you can depend upon.

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    We don't know quite a lot about our routers and hence tend to think of some myths as true. Here are the top 10 router myths debunked by us.


    Hackers are unethical users that attack celebrities and rich people in order to extract some money through their digital systems. Why would they hack an ordinary user like me? He has all the reasons to hack into your WiFi.

    So, while you may think that a couple of credit cards with a few thousand rupees of credit aren't much, it's a win for a hacker. It's not much noticed and the hacker can slyly take away small amount of funds from different accounts.


    A lot of the common users of a router prefer to get a basic model, thinking that dual and tri-band routers are devices that geeks prefer to use, because science and shit.

    That's generally not the case because finding out their benefits is fairly simple. Getting a dual or a tri-band router is essentially dividing your network onto 2 or 3 bands, letting you fewer slowdowns and better performance.



    While, yeah, there is some truth to this statement, everything is plain Jane in the general sense. It is believed that the 5 GHz band is better for avoiding crowded networks while the 2.4 GHz one helps in increasing bandwidth distance.

    The right answer is that there is no right band and you should go with the one that suits you best.


    Based on the fear of permanently damaging the internet experience, most users tend to stay away from their router settings and let things go with the flow. The truth is that you're probably better off logging in and tweaking your settings.

    Features like changing routers, WPS and security settings are things you should be able to tweak, without the help of a professional.


    SSID is the nickname you give to your WiFi network, for easy recognition. The myth here is that if you hide your SSID from public users, it won't let the hacker detect your network on his radar. Think again, because you are wrong.

    PCs running Windows 7 and above can still detect the network, they just won't attach a nickname to it. Also, if you are on a pre-Windows 7 machine, chances are you need Bill Gates to hide the SSID, because it's pretty tough.


    The latest standard for WiFi routers is the ‘AC Standard' and with networks slowly climbing the 50 MBPS range, you won't be able to get higher speeds if you aren't on the latest technology, So, if you think your router just ‘works', think again. The key to getting blazing fast speeds is by upgrading your router and keeping with the times.


    Succeeded by the current WPA2 technology, WEP or Wired Equivalent Privacy is the security feature of yesteryear WiFi routers. It was never secure even before and now it's just child's play to hack into it. We prefer that you avoid all kinds of WEP protocol on your router in order to safeguard your network from attacks.


    While WEP is useless against attacks, WPA2 technology doesn't quite prevent you from any hackers. Although the AES security tech is practically unbeatable, it does not go on to say that hackers can't penetrate into your network. Such impenetrable systems have been built and broken by unethical users so don't keep your hopes high.


    Firewalls and antivirus software helps to protect you from malicious programs online that steal information or provide remote access to your computer while you browse the web. Neither protects your computer as it communicates with the router or access point.


    This is a popular myth that the newer WPA2 technology puts a lot of load on your connection and slows it down in performance. This is not quite true with latest router models as they are equipped with the hardware for handling such slowdowns.

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