Fly Mi: Here are 8 cool features of Xiaomi's Mi Drone

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Drones are getting really good at attracting the consumers in every country. And Xiaomi is out to make its mark with Mi Drone. The product is definitely a style factor in itself, and crowdfunding has begun for the higher end models.

Here are 8 cool features of the Xiaomi Mi Drone.

8 cool features of Xiaomi's Mi Drone

Go 4K

The drone will be available in two models. One offers 1080p recording while the higher end is capable of full 4K. Drones have become the best accessories to capture footage for weddings, sports and city flyovers. Mi Drone just could be the next best drone to have.

8 cool features of Xiaomi's Mi Drone

Sony shots

The 1080p version of the Mi Drone has a 16-megapixel Sony camera with backside illuminated CMOS sensors. With 104° wide angle lens, panorama shots get more beautiful. The 4K model is capable of recording footage with the highest resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels with its 12-megapixel camera. Still images can be captured in both native jpeg formats as well as RAW.

8 cool features of Xiaomi's Mi Drone

Smarter in-flight

Mi Drone has an auto-pilot feature included along with the easy to use flight controls. It has automatic takeoff and is also capable of landing and returning to you with just a simple command from the handheld controls.
And when you want to capture the right moment, it circles around the object to give you the perfect shots. Flight planning too gets simplified thanks to Xiaomi's great technology.

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8 cool features of Xiaomi's Mi Drone

Never lost

With the help of built-in GPS, the Mi Drone will never get lost from its path. If no satellite signal is received, the drone uses vision positioning to find its way back.

8 cool features of Xiaomi's Mi Drone

Safe and Secure

The Mi Drone can automatically sense when it approaches a no-fly zone and will not budge even if you wanted it to. Running the drone on low battery triggers its return function, and you will be relieved to find it back safe and sound.

8 cool features of Xiaomi's Mi Drone

Gimble stable

Gimble stability is equivalent to an Optical Image Stabilization on a phone. The drone can capture footage with zero shakes and tremors while recording. The gimble ensures a stable recording session that will never ruin your awesome captures.

8 cool features of Xiaomi's Mi Drone

Battery life

Talking about how long you can fly the Mi Drone around to capture your video footage, you will be able to get 27 minutes of flight time. It has a 5100 mAh battery that is able to handle the lightweight body and aerodynamic design of the Mi Drone.

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8 cool features of Xiaomi's Mi Drone

Compact and easy to assemble

It takes only a few minutes to assemble this beauty. Every part of the drone is simple to fix to the body, and additional tools have been given in case novices need to fix blade guards.

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