These Helmets Are All You Need To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus


With Coronavirus tightening its grip over the world, the use of masks has increased astronomically. But reliability on conventional surgical or N95 masks is still questionable. Well, inventor Yezin Al-Qaysi thought of giving masks a complete overhaul. He built a hazmat helmet that covers his whole head and extends to his chest.

These Helmets Are All You Need To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

The helmet packs a battery on the back along with a filter respirator to purify the air sucked in and exhales the inside air. The helmet might not add much to your style statement but seems to do its job perfectly and as per the creator, he has been approached by many people out of curiosity. The helmet is called the BioVYZR and claimed to offer a battery backup of 12 hours. The creator also claims that VYZR Technologies has sold thousands of products.

These Helmets Are All You Need To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Well, he isn't the only one who had this idea. US Navy veteran Chris Ehlinger is also a creator of such helmets. His company named Valhalla Medical Design has a product called NE-1 under its portfolio. It resembles a motorcycle helmet and comprises an air filtration system. Besides, it also sports internal as well as external speakers which come in handy when the wearer wants to speak to people around him/her. Not just that, the helmet also has Bluetooth audio, making calls and music listening hassle-free.

But the big question is whether these helmets are necessary when the coronavirus vaccine is just around the corner. Micheal Hall, who sells the PAPR helmet, says that these helmets will be useful in the long term for people who are at risk from bad air quality.

We hope to see more and more such inventions in the coming days that will make humans more future-ready from diseases like the coronavirus or any other threat.

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