Mi Air Purifier 2S Review: Perfect gadget to buy this Diwali


    The air pollution levels in India are at alarming levels. The air pollutants such as smog, dust, airborne allergens and minute particles that our eyes cannot see can cause severe health problems to people of all the age groups. The situation is going to get worse in the coming months, especially in the northern region of the country where the AQI levels will rise steeply with Diwali around the corner. While you have limited or no control on the air outside, you can take help of technology to improve the indoor air quality to a good extent.



    Mi Air Purifier 2S Review: Perfect gadget to buy this Diwali


    Rs. 8,990

    A good solution can be easily available air purifiers. The Indian market now offers an array of 'Air Purifiers' across the price range to fit your space requirements. You can check out air purifiers from Samsung, Dyson, Panasonic, Blueair, etc. that feature some really advanced technologies and promise to clean the indoor air for a healthy lifestyle. If you are in the market for something affordable yet feature-rich, Xiaomi's new Air Purifier is just perfect for you. The new Mi Air Purifier 2S is priced aggressively and is loaded with smart features. I got to test the air purifier during the worst affected time period when the air quality in my locality took a hit due to festivities. After using the Mi Air Purifier 2S, here's what I have to say about its overall performance.

    Minimal Design with 360° Filtration

    Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes. The Mi Air Purifier 2S has a very basic and practical tower-structure design, which as per Xiaomi ensures maximum efficiency while maintaining a compact design. The air purifier also has a minimalist outlook giving it a clean design that easily blends into the environment. The outer-most layer of the purifier has 943 intake holes that increase the air intake space, thus forming a 360° cyclical air filtration pathway. The material used in the construction seems of high quality and also makes the purifier light enough to be easily carried around within the space.

    Laser sensor and OLED display

    Laser sensor and OLED display

    Xiaomi has also incorporated a Particulate Matter (PM) laser sensor at the top of the air purifier. The sensor can detect particles as small as 0.3 μm to give an overview of the AQI level inside the room. The PM sensor also works as an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of the OLED display placed at the face of the purifier. The PM level and other important statistics such as the Air Quality Index (AQI), mode, humidity level, etc. are displayed on the OLED strip. It is worth mentioning that displays are not easily offered in air purifiers priced this low. The visual representation of the useful information on the OLED strip makes it easy to use and understand the air purifier's functionality.

    What’s inside the Mi Air Purifier 2S?

    The Mi Air Purifier 2S works on a 3-layer filtration process and thus has three different layers to clean the indoor air. The 360° cylindrical structure of the air purifier comprises of- outer layer that performs the job of removing large airborne particles such as heavy dust particles and hair. The second layer (middle layer) is added to remove micron-sized particles and to also catch harmful bacteria by utilizing H11-grade filtration technology. Xiaomi says that the innermost layer is made of high quality activated carbon. It is capable of removing formaldehyde and other harmful substances that can cause severe health problems. The innermost layer also does the job of trapping false odours inside the room.

    Mi Home let you remotely control the Mi Air Purifier 2S

    The Mi Air Purifier 2S has been launched under Xiaomi's Smart Home product line-up. You can switch on and off the air-purifier using the Mi Home app or via voice commands over Amazon Alexa and Google Home. To control the air purifier with the help of Amazon Alexa, you would first need to link the Mi Home with the Alexa powered device within the Amazon Alexa app. The Mi Home app allows you to check the air quality, temperature, and humidity of the space where the air purifier is placed. You can also adjust the fan speed and set a timer to power on the purifier. Besides, the App also notifies you when it's time to replace the filter.


    Mi Air Purifier comes with a promise to effectively clean air in a space of up to 37m². I kept the air purifier in a room of 187 square feet (approx 17.5 square meters), which is fairly smaller as per air purifier's cleaning standards. As expected, Mi Air Purifier 2S took few minutes to bring the AQI level to breathable levels. At one time during the heavy smog outside, the ‘PM 2.5 Estimate' showed a mark of 600, which is severely hazardous for health. The air purifier's fan worked in full speed for over 3 to 5 minutes on a stretch to bring down the PM level to below 100. During such time, the silent motor of Mi Air purifier 2S even produced some noticeable sound. Once the PM Estimate was brought down to normal levels, the purifier worked with absolute silence.

    You can place the air purifier at any spot in the room as it comes along with a 360° cylindrical filter structure that can suck in air from every direction. On papers, the Mi Air Purifier 2S delivers a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of up to 310m³/h. What this means is that it can circulate clean air entirely for a 21m2 room in just 10 minutes. The air purifier works on air pressurization design to provide fast and effective air purification.


    Mi Air Purifier 2S is one-of-the most affordable and certainly the most feature-rich and value for money air purifier available in India today. At an aggressive price-point of Rs. 8,999, you get a nice looking air purifying machine that can be easily controlled via smartphone and smart speakers. It boasts an OLED display that informs you about the air quality inside the space and also shows the temperature and humidity levels. The air purifier works silently for most of the part and can quickly clean the indoor air of a living room. If you care about the indoor air quality at your home, especially during the winters, Mi Air Purifier 2S can b the perfect air purifier for you.

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