A Kickstarter Project: Is Bladepad going to be a path breaker in iPhone gaming?

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A Kickstarter Project: Is Bladepad going to be a path breaker in iPhone gaming?

With gaming now increasingly becoming popular among iOS users, more people are starting to consider iPhone as an alternative gaming device. Most gaming analysts claim that even though iOS devices give a good touchscreen experience, they still lack the physical controller that hardcore gaming devices come with. A new device named Bladepad is expected to plug this gap in iPhone gaming.

What is Bladepad?

Bladepad is a device that plays the role of a physical game controller on your iPhone while gaming. It is basically a kick starter project that has the potential to taste success if it performs well enough to convince game developers from across the world. For providing users with a real-time gaming experience, the device is comprised of dual analog sticks and full console controller button layout which includes ABXY buttons, start, select, D-pad and also buttons such as L1, L2, R1,R2 etc.

How it Works?

Bladepad is designed for user convenience. The only thing you have to do is to connect your iPhone device with Bladepad using Bluetooth. After establishing the connection, you will have to keep the iPhone in the detachable protective case in Bladepad.

Now you can start gaming by sliding the gamepad beneath the iPhone and using the controls on it. Once you have finished gaming, you can slide it back in with ease. The device is designed to be portable with its light weight build. Users can also alter the back-lighting functionality by turning the buttons on or off while gaming.

Design & Functionality

Bladepad has mainly two parts. It includes a protective case and a detachable gamepad with sliding functionalities. This protective case is designed to safely hold the iPhone. Users who do not want to carry their iPhone with Bladepad attached will have to slide the gamepad from the tracks located across the sides of the case for easy removal of the device from the protective case. A micro USB charging port is included in the package along with a dual-charging cable capable of charging both the iPhone and Bladepad at the same time.

Bladepad sources have claimed that they have already started receiving support from top game makers. This gaming controller seems to have all it takes for transforming the iPhone gaming experience. It has yet to be seen how much support this device manages to get from game developers from across the world. 

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