10 amazing AR games for your iPhone and iPad

If you own any of the Apple devices and are running on the latest iOS, we have compiled a list of top and enjoyable AR games that you could spend some time playing on your devices.

    Virtual Reality technology might have taken the gaming experience to a new level in 2017 but it seems that Augmented reality - or AR is the next stepping stone for future gaming. Besides, AR is now being talked about more and more. Besides we already saw the technology take off with the introduction of Pokémon Go and the game did provide a new and more immersive experience. And since then many developers have been integrating the technology into their platforms.

    10 amazing AR games for your iPhone and iPad


    The latest company that has jumped into the bandwagon is Apple and with the release of it's new system iOS 11, the ability to use AR technology has been magnified. While iOS 11 has been introduced with a lot of features, there's one new addition ARKit which is arguably one of the biggest features of iOs. It allows iOS developers to integrate high-end augmented reality experiences into their app with little effort.

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    And since then one of the biggest areas of AR development has been gaming. Developers have started to release AR games that take advantage of the new tech. So if you own any of the Apple devices and are running on the latest iOS, you could spend some free time playing AR games on your devices.

    We have compiled a list of top and enjoyable AR games for Apple device users.


    ARRise is a true engaging AR game and has been built on the AR platform from the ground up. The app is basically a 3D puzzle game and you will have to move around with your device to gain new perspective and align puzzle pieces. There's no need to touch the screen or swipe the pieces and your movement will help you solve the puzzle.


    Zombie games are quite popular in the gaming space and if you want take it to the next level you can download this game. ARZombi is survival horror game where you have to protect your home from an incoming zombie invasion.

    AR Dragon

    If you are fascinated with dragons and always wanted one as your pet then AR Dragon is a game which lets you do it. You will be tasked to look after your very own augmented reality dragon and a you'll have basically have to check on it every day, feed and play with it or risk it getting fed up and flying away. You'll be watching your Dragon get older and grow in size from a baby to a teen and finally, to a massive dragon.

    Stack AR

    With this game you can actually show how cool AR can be. Stack AR is surprisingly addictive and this game allows you to stack blocks in the real world by tapping the display in a timely manner. The aim is to create the tallest tower possible.

    Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

    Another game for the Zombie fans but this is as hardcore as an AR game gets. The game is basically a zombie shooter game but in AR. You will be able to fly a gunship helicopter controlled by the movement of you device around the virtual battlefield . The app features intense battles and devastating weapons. ZG Revenant AR is one of the games to try on you iOS device.

    Lila’s Tale: Stealth

    If you have played games like World of Warcraft then this game will certainly remind you of that. This game's aesthetics are similar and it is one of those stealth adventure game where you have to guide Lila the character in the game who is trapped in a strange place. You'll need to use your iOS device to help her avoid the enemies line of sight while collecting coins and retrieving the key so she can leave each dungeon.

    Kings of Pool

    Now you can play pool in AR mode and this app does provide a good gameplay. You can pinch and scale the table to make it as big or small as you want then, it's business as usual, in 3D. You can basically mimic all that You do when you are playing the game in real with a little bit technology involved.

    Google tango, the augmented technology AR - GIZBOT
    AR Drone Commander Lite

    AR Drone Commander Lite

    In this AR game you can point your camera towards a flat surface like an open floor and the game will map a military base on it. There will be an attack and while you will be playing as a drone pilot you will have to destroy the enemy tanks and helicopters.

    The Machines

    With this game you can transform any flat surface into a highly-detailed battlefield where you'll lead your team of Machines against friends both online and in the same room. You can strategically fight your way across the map, taking down towers, enemies and of course, your opponent's base to win the game.

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