GTA 5 Cheats PC: List Of Important GTA V Cheat Codes For PC


Cheat codes are probably the best things for gamers to beat the game. Cheat codes help run through the game campaign faster and ease up places where you'd be stuck or get killed! Out of several games available today, GTA 5 is one of the few games where cheat codes still exist and work. We've compiled a list of GTA V cheat codes that might be handy for you.

List Of Important GTA V Cheat Codes For PC


GTA V Cheat Code: How To Enter

Do note these cheat codes work on the PC only, and not the online version. To enter the GTA 5 cheat codes press the tilde key or ~. This brings up a console where you can enter the cheat code. Also, bear in mind that there are no codes to get unlimited money or unlimited ammo either. These have to be done in legitimate ways only.

Before diving into the GTA cheat codes, there are a couple of factors to bear in mind. Using cheat codes helps you move up the game, while also breaks the game. The GTA 5 cheats don't work in the online mode. They also disable achievements in the game. Here are some of the GTA 5 cheat codes that might be helpful:

GTA 5 Cheat Codes List

FUGITIVE: Code raises the wanted level

LAWYERUP: Code reduces the wanted level

TOOLUP: Code helps to get all weapons

CATCHME: Code helps to run faster

HOPTOIT: Code helps to jump higher

GOTGILLS: Code helps to swim faster

PAINKILLER: Code lets you become invincible for five minutes

TURTLE: Code brings in full health and armor

POWERUP: Code recharges your special ability

VINEWOOD: Code brings in a limousine

HOLEIN1: Code lets you use a golf cart

ROCKET: Code brings in a motorcycle

BUZZOFF: Code brings in an armed helicopter

COMET: Code lets you use a sports car


RAPIDGT: Code lets you use a different sports car

FLYSPRAY: Code brings in a crop duster plane

OFFROAD: Code brings in a dirt bike

BARNSTORM: Code brings in a stunt plane

BANDIT: Code brings in a BMX bicycle

TRASHED: Code brings in a garbage truck

SLOWMO: Code changes game to slow motion

FLOATER: Code activates low gravity

JRTALENT: Code lets you play as any NPC in GTA 5

SKYFALL: Code lets you fall from the sky without using a parachute

SKYDIVE: Code gets you a parachute

DEADEYE: Code helps you aim better

HOTHANDS: Code explodes your punch

HIGHEX: Code explodes bullets

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