Perks And Flaws Of Playing First-Person Shooting Games Using Controller


The gaming scenario across the globe has evolved exponentially. Now, we have massive gaming computers and consoles with dedicated CPUs and GPUs which take responsibilities of running high-end graphics games seamlessly. Technology companies have dedicated departments which focus specifically on gaming accessories and products which can make thing easier for gaming enthusiasts.

Perks And Flaws Of Playing First-Person Shooting Games Using Gamepads


However, back then, when I started gaming the only thing available on the market was Victor 90, the TV video game which comes with gaming cards which consist of infinity game. But more or less, all those games were the same. The Sony PS, PS1, and the PSX was also a big player in the market at that time. All these consoles come with minimalistic graphics and 2D gaming format.

Just like the consoles, gaming controllers have also witnessed impressive upgrades from being attached with dangling wired connectivity to wireless connectivity. Game controllers have also become modernized. Although, playing first-person shooting games on controllers were difficult back then and now as well.

Project I.G.I. was one of the most popular first-person shooter games which were available for PCs and the PS2 as well. However, aiming targets with mouse pointer were preferable than controllers.

Playing first-person shooting games is always fun with mouse and keyboards, but they also have their perks and flaws. Here in this article, we will tell you the good and bad sides of playing shooting games with the controller.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Controllers

Here we're only talking about first-person shooting games like PUBG, Counter-Strike, Resident Evil, Warframe, Titanfall 2, Far Cry 3, Overwatch, Call Of Duty, and more.

FPS games are intense and fast-paced, which require better accuracy in aiming. You need to make decisions in seconds and act accordingly to survive in the battle royale games.

Knocking down opponents and moving forward to the final zone is how you can win the match. In this case, I have experience of performing better on keyboard and mouse than gamepads. It has a logic also, with the mouse you have the access of taking a 360-degree turn around shot which can be performed via a trick.

Perks And Flaws Of Playing First-Person Shooting Games Using Gamepads


We are not saying that the accuracy on the controller is not good, but with a high-end gaming mouse with switchable DPI feature, you have more efficiency while aiming. On gaming controller, you need to practise aiming and get comfortable with it.

With the mouse, you can change weapons instantly while aiming at your opponent on the go, but with the controller, you have a limitation of going back to the setting and change it. However, the controller settings can be changed as per the user's requirements.

Taking TPS view with a mouse is more comfortable when it comes to locating enemies.

However, we can't deny the fact that the joysticks on the gamepads are comfortable than keyboards. You have the option of controlling the players with one thumb instead of using all the fingers on keyboards. We have destroyed many (W, A, S, D) keys on gaming keyboards. More importantly, sprinting on the controller is much easier than holding the shift button on the keyboard.

Perks And Flaws Of Playing First-Person Shooting Games Using Gamepads

The wireless controller can be used from any distance, but with wired mouse and keyboard, you have to stick with the computer desk for playing games. Moreover, wireless controllers come with less latency compared to wireless mouse and keyboards.

While writing this article, we went through some queries on Quora. We found out that game enthusiasts have to mix opinion on gaming with controllers and other accessories. Some say gamepads are uncomfortable and start causing cramps on fingers and hands muscles while gaming for long hours. We have also faced a similar issue with a lot of the gamepads.

Perks And Flaws Of Playing First-Person Shooting Games Using Gamepads

"The Keyboard and Mouse setup, however, remains the deterrent for me to still hold on to a computer for FPS games which are absolutely impossible to play with a controller. Aiming is a nightmare," reads a user's post on Quora.

Now, it all depends on your feasibility which gaming setup is better for your use. If you're a FIFA lover or PES lover, then we recommend you to go with a wireless gaming controller because it would be a wiser choice than rubbing your fingers on the keyboard for goals.

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