GTA 6 Release Date Could Be Sooner Than Expected; Here's How Gamers Are Reacting


GTA 5 is no doubt one of the most popular games. The game's success streak has been growing strong ever since its release in 2013. However, gamers have been eagerly waiting for the game's sequence - GTA 6. Reports and leaks suggest that Rockstar Games could be launching the GTA 6 much earlier than expected.

GTA 6 Release Date Could Be Sooner Than Expected

When Is GTA 6 Launching?

For now, there's no guaranteed launch date, but it couldn't be too far away. According to Kotaku, Grand Theft Auto 6 has been all but officially confirmed. So far, we've heard of reports suggesting that Rockstar Games claiming the game is in "early stages of development". However, tipsters claim that it's well past the early stage.

For now, tipster Tez2 tweeted that he can't believe the Kotaku report noting the early stage of development, especially when he's hearing the title is halfway done or even beyond that. However, several pointers note the launch of the GTA 6 is much further away than being let on.

Others who believe GTA 6 is still ages away track their timeline based on Red Dead Redemption's timeline - another game from developer Rockstar Games. Looking back, RDR2 required approximately seven-eight years in development. And the main production kickstarted right after the launch of RDR1 in 2013.

Hence, the next title would once again require the same timeline, which could take a couple more years. That said, Kotaku's report could be an indication that GTA 6's launch timeline could be earlier than usual.

GTA 6 Launch: Gamers React

GTA 5's popularity has been soaring high since its debut, with millions of downloads and purchases. Naturally, gamers have been eager to explore its successor, but seems to never have a launch date in near sight! With new reports on a tentative launch date approaching, gamers have taken to Twitter to react to the news.


One of the tweets attaches a GIF that claims to be leaked footage from GTA 6! Since the timeline seems to keep pushing away, another tweet asks: " What will happen first... GTA 6 releasing or Keith Lee capturing the WWE title?" The list of reactions seems to go on, and will continue till there's an official announcement!

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