PUBG Cheat Codes, Hacks, Requirements, Tips and Tricks, and More

PUBG cheat codes, hacks, requirements, tips and tricks you should know before start playing the game.


PUBG is one of the best selling games in the world, with more than 50 million copies sold. Every day around 87 million players play this game. The full form of PUBG is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Only the loyal PUBG fans can understand how difficult it is to go online every day and win the chicken dinner. In these articles, we will give you some cheat codes and trip and tricks to play this world-famous game.

PUBG Cheat Codes, Hacks, Requirements, Tips and Tricks


Just to recall, PUBG is an online battlefield game where the player is airdropped on some abandoned island in the squad, duo, or solo. Then they have to collect the equipment like guns, backpacks, med-kits, and grenades which will help them in the game. The players need to remain in the safe zone by ditching the blue zone. If you are stuck in the blue zone then you will lose your life in the game.

Players or squads who successfully managed to stay alive until the last circle will be the one to win the match, experience points and rating points.

The game developers are very much strick about hacking if they find someone cheating in the game then they simply ban them for at least three years. Recently PUBG has banned top 12 players of the world for hacking the game.

PUBG Cheat Codes

PUBG has a vigilante software system which takes care of the possible cheat codes or hacks where are used during the gameplay. This software system is called BattlEye, which creates a proactive anti-cheat protection shield around the game.

If you are hacking the game and get spotted by the BattleEye then the system will corrupt your data and throw you out of the game.

If you are involved in team-killing or damaging your own teammates, them your merit ratings will go down. Once it goes under 60 then you won't be able to join any squad of duo matches. For increasing the rating you have to play solo matches and increase it above 60.


PUBG has already banned Radar hack cheat code. After this, the game developers have come up with a new feature where you can report players in real time if you find them playing the game in an unfair manner.

PUBG Cheat Codes, Hacks, Requirements, Tips and Tricks

PUBG Tips and Tricks

In the game always try to be tactical and make sure you are hard to spot in the gameplay. You can stay ridge lines as you move through the high ground, moving in a random manner in an open place can make it hard for others to shoot you.

Always try to move from cover to another, and keep scanning your surrounding before rushing into any building.

Always keep your microphone on the team or rather off it if your teammates are not responding. Putting the microphone on "all" will disclose all your conversation to opponents who are listing to your conversation.

Try to find a suppressor for your guns, it will help you to retain your position. Moreover, it also reduces the recoil of the guns which will help you shoot for a long time on your target.

The most important thing is ammo, always keep your bag full of ammo because you don't how many opponents you are going to face in a go.

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