Sony To Make More PS4 Consoles In 2022 To Compensate PS5 Shortage


Sony PlayStation 5 was released in 2020, and the Japanese corporation is still battling to keep up with the enormous demand for the new "next-gen" gaming console. While the PS5 shortfall is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, Sony will continue to compensate for the PS5 shortage with the PS4 console, which was released in 2013.

Sony To Make More PS4 Consoles In 2022 To Compensate PS5 Shortage

Sony To Manufacture More For PlayStation Ecosystem

According to a Bloomberg report, Sony intends to continue manufacturing the PS4 this year. According to the official, the PS4 has been one of the industry's most popular consoles, and the company has no plans to stop producing it anytime soon. There has been a crossover between several generations of consoles in the past as well.

While PS4 production will continue, it is unclear how the PS5 demand will be met in the near future. The development of the current-generation PS5 necessitates more complicated products and chipsets, putting purchasers at a disadvantage.
The PS4 is relatively simple to manufacture and requires less hardware, which is in short supply. According to the report, including the PS4 in the transaction will put Sony in a stronger position to bargain with manufacturers.

How Does This Affect PS5?

It's better for the corporation to have two consoles with various pricing points on the market. However, PS5 owners may not be able to take advantage of the console's full capability for some time. Current PS5 exclusives are exceedingly rare, while the majority of other games are limited by the elder PS4's computational constraints. Developers will be more motivated to keep tuning games for both consoles if the older one continues to sell.

The PS4's output will allow Sony to retain its devoted gamer base while also filling the void left by the PS5's shortfall. Gaming is one of the company's greatest income drivers, and it is expected to do everything it can to retain its committed fans from switching to options like the Xbox Series X/S, which just became the fastest-selling Xbox console ever.
PS4 has sold over 116 million units worldwide since its launch in 2013 and continues to be a successful gaming platform.


Sony may keep players within the PlayStation ecosystem by expanding PS4 availability until the PS5 supply bottleneck is resolved. All of this means that PS5 consoles will continue to be difficult to come by, and potential buyers will need to keep an eye out for resupply dates, as they did for the past year.

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