Top Five Things To Expect From GTA: 6


Rockstar Games, the video game published known for titles like GTA: VC, GTA: V, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more is expected to be working on the successor to the GTA: V -- the GTA: 6. As of now, the company hasn't officially said anything regarding the existence of the GTA: 6.

Top Five Things To Expect From GTA: 6

However, given the successful run of GTA: V, we can easily assume that the studio will release a successor for sure. GTA: V is currently a seven-year-old game and is available for almost all platforms like PC, Xbox, and Playstation. And here is what we can expect to see from GTA: 6.

GTA: 6 Pandemic World

The grand theft auto franchise is known for representing the current world scenario, and we could expect to see a pandemic world at least for a certain length of the game. The game might showcase people wearing masks and shields to prevent the virus from spreading.

GTA: 6 Battle Royale Mode

GTA: 6 is likely to include some sort of battle royale mode, similar to PUBG or Fornite. However, as of now, there is no information on how this feature will be incorporated into an action-adventure game

GTA: 6 Real-Time Ray Tracing

Most modern games are likely to include real-time ray-tracing on both PC and console. Similarly, the GTA: 6 is also expected to offer the same, which should improve the overall graphics quality to give a more cinematic feel with real-life like characters and animation.

GTA: 6 Cross-Platform Compatability

Just like the GTA: V, the GTA: 6 will be cross-platform compatible. Rockstar Games is likely to release the GTA: 6 as a console exclusive for the first few years, then, an enhanced version of the same is expected to be made available for the PC platform.

GTA: 6 Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is currently on the boom, and we can expect GTA: 6 to be made available on various cloud gaming platforms like Google Stadia. So, users with almost any connected device can enjoy gaming with just an active internet connection.

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