Sony PS4 Officially Unveiled: From Specs, Exclusive Features to Gaming Titles, All You Want To Know

    Forget about Orbis or any other fake name swirling on the internet. It's here, finally. Give a warm welcome to the PlayStation 4. After months of speculation, Sony finally announced their next-generation console. The event took place at New York City.

    With the launch of PS4, the Japanese titan also announced must hyped Gaikai cloud gaming service integrated with the console. The next-console is rather much developer friendly than the PS3. The console uses DualShock 4 controller, which has built in 3D cameras and a touch pad. The PS4 has all new revamped User interface (UI) and heavily integrated with PS Vita. As of now, the console is not backward compatible with the PS3.

    Sony PS4 Officially Unveiled: All You Want To Know


    PlayStation 4 - Specifications and highlighted features

    The Sony branded console is indeed a powerful beast. The console is rather based on PC architecture,
    making more developers to jump into console gaming. The device is beefs up with an integrated 8GB of RAM, an 86X processor, enhanced GPU and unspecified hardware storage.

    The console could be stuffed with either 500GB or 1TB inbuilt space. That leads to think once again about AMD backed processor. No conformations as yet. Sony says that the new console was in the development for the past 5 years.

    The company continues by saying that multiplayer gaming and social media (Facebook /Twitter), is the future of gaming. The PS4 is heavily depended upon internet. The new console can be able to download games even when in the turn off mode.

    Sony believes that the PS4 is more than just box or console, as it invites more gamers to share gaming
    like never before. PlayStation 4 will unleash imaginations to create next-gen experiences that surpass
    gamers' wildest expectations, while also allowing developers to explore other business models," Andrew House, president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said during a launch event at New York.


    DualShock 4 - Revamped gaming experience

    The next-gen console from Sony comes with a raunchy controller i.e. DualShock 4. It is very much like
    DualShock 3 controller, but in reality it's completely different. The controller has built in 3D camera,
    touchpad on the front, headphone jack, a share button and a light bar. The controller can sense
    movements of player and motion too. The given touchpad sounds similar to PS Vita's rear touch pad.

    PlayStation 4 - User Interface (UI)

    Sony has completely changed the known UI found inside PS3 or PSP. The user interface is sleek and
    simple looking, sounds similar to the revamped PlayStation Store. The PS4 is much more than a console, because it is very much dependent on your social network and integrated video features.

    It would be right to call PS4 - Your new social network, a sort of mecca. With such deep rooted social integration, the console can easily sense your likes and dislikes. You can even upload a video while playing games. The PS4 can also be accessed by smartphones and tablets.

    PlayStation 4 - Arrival of Gaikai cloud gaming service

    From now on, gamers can save their games, directly on cloud. Sony says that they are creating the
    fastest and most powerful gaming network in the entire world. With such a prolific gaming service in the house, it is right to believe the intentions of the company.

    PS4 - PS Vita - A lifelong companion

    To give PS Vita long, long life, the company integrated PS4 with its handheld console. That's great news for Vita owners. The PS4 supports Remote Play, which deeply syncs with PS Vita. Every PS4 game can be played on PS Vita via Remote Play. You heard it right. This would give developers a chance to integrate second screen gaming experience.

    PlayStation 4 - Heck, not compatible with PS3

    Sony says that PS3 games won't be playable on PS4. Uh! Sick. The company will try its best to make it
    happen ‘someday'.

    PlayStation 4 - Plethora of games, lot of games

    After all, a console is dead without quality games. And Sony knows it very clearly. Let's start with the list. Sony says that every third-party developer is ready to support PS4. Here are some the games that are coming to PS4: Killzone: Shadowfall; DriveClub; Infamous: Second Son; The Witness; Deep Down; Final Fantasy for PS4(to be announced at E3);Watch Dogs; Diablo 3and Destiny. Square Enix also announced a game for PS4. The above mentioned games are few selected games announced so far at the event. More follows at E3 gaming conference in June.

    PlayStation 4 - PS Move connection

    PS Move, an arch rival to Wii remote, is not dead. The developer behind LittleBigPlanet , didn't reveal
    something wacky for PS4 , but gave a glimpse at future. Anything can be possible with the PS Move
    controller. That's it.

    PlayStation 4 - Coming Holidays 2013

    The PS4 will hit retail shelves in late 2013. The company did not disclose specific territories by large.
    Neither company revealed the good old feel of a physical console. No price disclosure either. Happy

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