Top 10 First Person Shooter Games

By Gizbot Bureau

    The first-person shooter genre is extremely popular due to impressive graphics, fast game play and it allows users to completely experience the character and technology.

    Even though each year brings a new crop of first-person shooter games, there are some that win hands down and continue to be popular long after their release. Here is a compilation of the Top 10 First person shooter games in the slideshow below.

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    Soon to be released Battlefield 4 appears to be an absolute delight for mass destruction junkies. Players have the chance to destroy entire buildings shielding enemies and this makes for stunning visuals. The extensive multiplayer feature comes with expansive options in terms of explorable territory as well as use of vehicles. The latest version allows players to do more with improved abilities and strength.

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    MAG is PS3 based multi-player shooter video game that has the ability of supporting up to 256 players at a time. These players can be broken into platoons, squads and companies. With unique objectives set for each squad, players get to experience realistic action, directing air strikes, participating in parachute drops and overrunning gun emplacements by enemies. What works for the game is its raw realism and the fact that players have to work extremely hard to level up. Players also get to customize the character skill tree so that the character can be a sniper, assault rifle expert, LMG expert, etc.

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    Widely regarded as one of the best first person shooter game, Call of Duty Black Ops combines fast paced action with a compelling narrative. With the story beginning in an interrogation room, players are instantly hooked as the character takes the journey through clues and flashbacks. Players get to choose from a variety of awesome weapons and the no holds barred action and first person killing can be thrilling for hard core first-person shooter game enthusiasts.

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    Metro 2033 is not the ideal game for players looking to blast their way through the game. However this game is delightfully entertaining for stealth game play and for players that enjoy planning their assault moves. The game has a fascinating look and feel to it and the Russian Metro system looks incredible with powerful, haunting graphics. The vibrant detailing of the beasts roaming the tunnels, the dark shadows, and the combat and weapons make this game incredibly entertaining.

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    Call of Duty Ghosts is not a game designed as a sequel to the earlier Call of Duty games, but an entirely new one in a completely different environment and is expected to be released in November 2013. After a devastating mass event the special operations forces, mysteriously called Ghosts have to fight for a crippled nation waging a war against a newly emerged global power that is technologically advanced. Players get to create a soldier by selecting the head, body, head gear as well as equipment. Players can even create a female soldier for the first time and enjoy different game modes and a completely new level Odin set in space.

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    Bioshock 2 is the sequel to the hugely successful Bioshock and carries the story forward, albeit with a few changes within the earlier set up of city called Rapture. Designed to offer single player and multi-mode, it features a different character Big Daddy searching for a Little Sister. As the character, players have to use combination of weapons as well as special powers to kill freakish monsters and enemies, kill or adopt little sister to get the matter Adam for upgrading. Ultimately the game raises several questions including whether the players can kill with single minded focus or do they falter due to their choices and empathy.

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    Sniper Elite V2 is a popular game featuring an American sniper belonging to the Strategic services crack unit. The main aim of the game is to take care of a group of scientists. Featuring gripping single player as well as multiplayer storyline, players get to explore their skills and sharpen their strategies to successfully execute missions. As in real life, the game is designed to provide extensive pressure including extreme mental strain along with physical difficulties. Players have to consider environmental factors while shooting at a target and a missed shot increases the possibility of being discovered.

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    The Counter Strike one anthology featuring the stand alone counter strike along with Counter strike condition zero is a game designed to please hardcore shooting enthusiasts. Featuring a simple storyline the players have the option of choosing to play terrorists or counter forces. As a player the game provides clear cut objectives which include killing everyone on the other team. With a variety of weapons, challenging situations and single player as well as multiplayer option, Counter strike offers nonstop action and adrenaline rush.

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    Battlefield 3, which is the sequel to the hugely popular Battlefield 2, is designed to deliver an adrenaline rush like no other. The game uses the Frostbite 2 game engine to the fullest, incorporating and facilitating advanced sound, destruction as well as graphics. Users get to enjoy and choose from a wide range of vehicles which include jets as well as tanks. Updated soldier class and 24 player online support are some of the other features. Players can command an elite US Marine force in gameplay spanning different locations. Users have options of single player as well as co-op multiplayer missions and realistic game play and opportunity for close combat works for this game.

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    In Far Cry 3, players get to shoot, slay, detonate and find their way on an island where violence and lawlessness are a way of life. Playing the character Jason Brody, users find themselves stranded on this strange island and have to do everything they can to stay alive. With each choice and decision having consequences, players get to participate in a richly entertaining storyline as it slowly unravels. All along players have the choice to fight with certain characters or to make certain other allies.

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