Netflix Secret Codes To Find Hidden Movies; Here’s How To Use


Netflix is the go-to platform for entertainment now. As people are advised to stay indoors, it has opened a new realm in the entertainment world, brought closer by OTT platforms like Netflix. The number of series and movies on Netflix can be overwhelming, especially when you're confused about what to watch. Here are some Netflix secret codes that give access to hidden movies.

Netflix Secret Codes To Find Hidden Movies

Netflix Secret Codes Explained

What better way to pass time over the weekend than staying indoors and watching new movies (or re-watching a few old ones) on Netflix. Moreover, now that the IPL 2021 season has been suspended, Netflix has surged in popularity for its massive content offering.

However, it can be a bit difficult to find the exact movie you're looking for. Sometimes, you might not be sure of what you want to watch, but you may be looking for a particular genre. You might simply type action movies, adventure, rom-com, sci-fi, and so on - and Netflix will throw you a gazillion of options to watch. But what if we told you there's an easier way to find movies on Netflix, including hidden ones.

Netflix Secret Codes To Find Hidden Movies

Yes, there are a couple of hidden movies on Netflix that might not pop up on the search result. This is where the Netflix secret codes for hidden movies come in handy. And before you think these are cheat codes to get Netflix movies for free - you're wrong. You will still need a Netflix subscription to access these codes and movies.

List Of Netflix secret Codes

Netflix Secret Codes To Find Hidden Movies

Here's the complete list of Netflix secret codes to find movies, even the hidden ones:

48744: War movies
7424: Anime
10702: Soy movies
67673: Disney movies
10118: Superhero movies
6384: Sad movies
6839: Documentaries
9875: Crime documentaries
5349: Historical documentaries
4006: Military documentaries
13335: Musicals
59433: Disney musical movies
75804: Vampire horror movies
75405: Zombie horror movies
42023: Supernatural horror movies
1568: Action, sci-fi movies
9744: Fantasy movies
1694: Sci-fi horror movies
29809: Classic dramas
47147: Classic sci-fi movies
46588: Classic thrillers movies
48744: Classic war movies
47465: Classic westerns
5475: Romantic comedies
1255: Romantic dramas
31273: Classic romantic movies
502675: Romantic favorites
5695: Korean movies
1133133: Turkish movies
10398: Japanese movies
3761: African movies
3960: Chinese movies
58741: Spanish movies
10463: Bollywood movies
8221: Italian movies
52117: British shows
26146: Crime TV shows
67879: Korean shows
25804: Military TV shows


Netflix Secret Codes FAQs

Netflix Secret Codes To Find Hidden Movies

Can I use these codes to access Netflix movies for free?

No, you will need a Netflix account to access these codes and movies.

How to use Netflix secret codes?

Open the Netflix app on your TV/mobile > Search > Type the code of your choice. The search results will provide the content you're looking for.

What are Netflix secret codes?

Netflix secret codes are basically access to the categories and sub-categories created by Netflix. You can type these codes to find a particular genre of content.

Do the Netflix secret codes work on the mobile app?

Yes, the Netflix secret codes can be accessed on the mobile app.

What are the plans available to get Netflix subscription?

There are several plans available. You can find the complete list with this link.

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