Netflix Subscription Plans in India: Best Netflix Plans, Offers, Price And Validity Details

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Netflix Plans Detailed

Netflix is one of the popular streaming services in India with a slew of plans to attract subscribers with varying requirements. Check out the best monthly and yearly Netflix subscription plans from here and get your questions regarding the same answered.

Annual Subscription Cost With Number Of ScreensIndia is one of the main markets for the streaming service Netflix. It has an upper edge in the competition among the OTT services, thanks to the high-quality original shows and movies that the service offers for those who like to binge-watch. However, the downside for the service in India was its pricing strategy.

Netflix Subscription Plans in India: Best Netflix Plans, Offers, Price


In a bid to attract more users in India and expand its user base, Netflix came up with a one-month free trial. Again, the pricing of Rs. 499 for the single SD stream was an issue for many. Having understood that India is a price-conscious market, Netflix came up with an interesting plan for mobile users in the country.

Netflix Plans In India

Netlix Plan Name Monthly Subscription Cost With Number Of Screens Annual Subscription Cost With Number Of Screens
Mobile Rs. 199 (1 Screen) Rs. 2,388 (1 Screen)
Mobile+ Rs. 349 (1 Screen) Rs. 4,188 (1 Screen)
Basic Rs. 499 (1 Screen) Rs. 5,988 (1 Screen)
Standard Rs. 649 (2 Screens) Rs. 7,788 (2 Screens)
Premium Rs. 799 (4 Screens) Rs. 9,588 (4 Screens)

With the entry-level mobile plan priced at Rs. 199, Netflix has four plans for its users in India and these are detailed below.

Best Netflix Monthly Plans

Netflix provides four monthly plans for users. Notably, all these plans can be canceled at any time and support unlimited movies and shows.


Netflix Rs. 199 Mobile Plan

The Rs. 199 plan is called Mobile and it supports only one smartphone. So, users who subscribe to this plan can use it only on one smartphone. The downside with this plan is that you cannot watch Netflix content on a bigger screen with this mobile-only plan. It supports HD content streaming, which was missing until recently.

Netflix Rs. 349 Mobile+ Plan

Netflix Rs. 349 plan is called Mobile+ plan. It also supports only one device just like the Mobile and Basic plans. The difference is that it supports HD streaming unlike the Mobile plan and PCs as well. However, the Mobile+ plan does not support smart TVs for now.

Netflix Rs. 499 Basic Plan

The Rs. 499 Basic plan from Netflix also supports a single screen, be it a smartphone, TV, laptop or tablet. This plan supports content in HD similar to the mobile-only plan.

Netflix Rs. 649 Standard Plan

The Netflix Rs. 649 Standard plan supports two screens including mobile and TV. This plan supports HD streaming and can be used on laptop, TV, smartphone and tablet.

Netflix Rs. 799 Premium Plan

Netflix Rs. 799 Premium plan supports four screens simultaneously, which is interesting. Being the most premium plan, this one supports HD and Ultra HD streaming and can be used on laptop, mobile, TV and tablet.

Best Netflix Yearly Plans

Interestingly, you can subscribe to Netflix on a yearly basis as detailed below.

Netflix Mobile Plan

The Netflix Mobile plan priced at Rs. 199 per month can be subscribed on a yearly basis for Rs, 2,388. It supports only one mobile device and started supporting HD content recently.

Netflix Mobile+ Plan

Netflix Mobile+ plan will account to Rs. 4,188 on choosing it for an annual basis. This plan will support a single device along with HD content streaming but misses out on TVs.

Netflix Basic Plan

The Netflix Basic plan is priced at Rs. 499 per month and it can be subscribed on a yearly basis for a pricing of Rs. 5,988. Again, it supports only one device but it can be a bigger screen device such as laptop, tablet or TV.

Netflix Standard Plan

The Netflix Standard plan that can be subscribed at Rs. 649 per month can be purchased on an annual basis for Rs. 7,788. This plan supports two screens simultaneously, be it a mobile, TV, laptop or tablet. And, it supports HD streaming of content.

Netflix Premium Plan

The Premium plan from Netflix supports HD and Ultra HD content. It is priced at Rs. 799 per month and on an annual basis for Rs. 9,588. Notably, this device supports up to four screens that can be accessed at the same time.

Best Netflix Unlimited Plans

All the Netflix plans come with numerous benefits such as any time cancellation and unlimited content, be it movies or TV shows. This includes even the mobile-only plan priced at Rs. 199.

Netflix FAQs

Get all your doubts regarding the Netflix service clarified from the FAQs below.

Does Netflix provide free trial?

Well, Netflix provides a free trial for one month for new subscribers. The service will not charge you anything for the trial period and you can cancel your trial anytime before the actual service starts. Do keep in mind that you need to add your card details to enjoy the trial period but you will not be charged for one month during the trial.

What is Netflix billing cycle?

The Netflix billing cycle is one month for all users irrespective of the plan they choose. The bill will be generated on the date of purchasing the subscription. If you choose the annual subscription, then the billing cycle will be once in a year.

What type of content Netflix offers?

Netflix members can access a range of popular titles in the content library. It includes award-winning Netflix originals, documentaries, feature films, TV shows and more across languages. And, the service suggests better content that you might be interested in depending on what you have already watched. It also has ample content for children.

Can I download Netflix content?

Netflix lets you download content on your device via the app across all platforms such as mobile, Windows or Apple PC. The downloaded content can be watched offline even without an active internet connection. However, it cannot be stored in the local storage of the device as it will be downloaded within the Netflix app.

Does Netflix have ad-free content?

Netflix is a subscription-based OTT service and it does not offer any advertisements amid content streaming. As you pay a specific amount of fee depending on the plan you choose, there will be an ad-free experience on the platform.

How do I subscribe to Netflix?

To subscribe to Netflix, you need to login to your Netflix account or create one. And, choose the right plan that you want to subscribe to based on your preferences. Now, choose a payment method and authenticate the same. Once you complete the payment, your Netflix plan will be activated.

Can I cancel my Netflix plan?

Well, Netflix lets you cancel your subscription anytime you want to do so. You just have to visit the account settings on a web browser to cancel your Netflix subscription. Once the process is done, your subscription will be canceled.

How many devices does Netflix support?

As of now, Netflix supports up to four devices simultaneously. The number of devices supported by the service depends on the plan that you subscribe to. The Mobile and Basic plans support only one device while the Standard plan support two devices and the Premium plan supports up to four devices.

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