Is MicroLED The Future Of Smartphones And Televisions?


We have been hearing the term MicroLED over the last few years. In fact, brands like Sony, Samsung, and LG showcased microLED prototypes in 2012. Samsung has finally launched the first commercial smart TV based on MicroLED technology in Korea, which is set to bring the latest display technology to the mainstream audience.

Is MicroLED The Future Of Smartphones And Televisions?

What Is MicroLED?

MicroLED is a technology similar to the OLED, which uses self-emissive LED display technology, which eliminates the need for backlighting. This when compared to LCD technology will use less power. However, due to the nature of the LEDs, a MicroLED panel will be much brighter and color accuracy when compared to an LCD display.

When compared to the OLED panel, the sub-pixels (RGB) on a MicroLED panel will be much smaller, which allows the manufacturer to design a high-resolution panel with a compact screen size.

MicroLEDs are also inorganic when compared to OLED (organic LED). This means a panel with MicroLED tech can last longer when compared to a panel with an OLED tech. Besides, MicroLEDs will not face pixel burn-in issues like OLED. According to Samsung, a MicroLED will have a life span of up to 100,000 and can last over a decade without any issue.

Disadvantages Of MicroLED

Though MicroLED is the latest technology, it does have some disadvantages. Ex: it is very expensive and complex to produce MicroLED when compared to OLED. This means a MicroLED smart TV will be more expensive than an OLED smart TV.

As companies start to mass-produce the price of the microLED will come down. However, as of now, MicroLED smart TVs are much more expensive. As MicroLED technology is much superior when compared to OLED technology, one can expect to see the next-generation of flagship smartphones might use MicroLED display technology.


Not just smartphones, upcoming products like smartwatches and laptops are also expected to come equipped with MicroLED technology. However, one can only see MicroLED display technology on flagship/expensive products at least for the next few years.

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