How to Smartly Upload An Instagram Story in 6 Steps

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In a recent update, the popular photo-sharing service, Instagram, got a new feature called 'Instagram Stories'. This feature is almost similar to that of Snapchat Stories, but the Facebook-owned company has differentiated the new feature in many ways from the Snapchat's stories.

HOW TO: Upload An Instagram Story in 6 Steps

The feature works on the same mechanism as Snapchat features. You take a lot of photos in the whole day and instead of posting a best-chosen picture, you can push all the pictures on to the network and at the end of the day, all the photos will fade away.

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It looks alot familiar to the Snapchat Stories feature, but in Instagram, the stories will appear in the form of circles on the top of the news feed, profile wise.

When the update got initially rolled out, we were heavily confused on 'How to add a new Instagram Story'. Later on, after spending some time with the application, we figured out the exact procedure.

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Even the procedure of a story is similar to that of Snapchat. So, if you are a Snapchat user, this guide will be a lot easier for you. Here's how to add a new Instagram Story:

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STEP 1: Hit the ‘+’ button on the upper left corner

After updating your app to the latest version, you'll find a new Plus button on the top left screen. Tap on that button or swipe left from your home screen.

STEP 2: Capture your shot

A camera interface will be opened after performing the first step. Capture a picture by tapping on the circle button in the camera interface.

STEP 3: Swipe down & choose pic from the Gallery

You can either choose from the pictures which are captured in the last 24 hours. Swipe from the top of the screen on the camera menu, which will open gallery interface with all the photos you captured in the last 24 hours, which is a decent addition.

STEP 4: Tap on Edit icon on upper right corner

The next screen, you'll be able to edit your story. There are options to add draw on your captured photo and add a plain text to your story.

STEP 5: When it’s done, Tap Done

Edit the photo as you like and hit the done button on top right corner. Your story will be saved and ready for upload.

STEP 6: Publish with Arrow Icon in the center

Hit the send button to publish the story. And it's done!

Please note

Once after publishing the story, you can delete it, share it as a post, and edit the story settings. There is a special option available in Instagram with which you can see who watched your story and you can even add privacy settings on to whom your story should be visible.

This is it for now. Having said that, this is the initial release of the feature, we will see many improvements in future. Meanwhile, if you face any difficulties while posting a photo, let us know in comments below, we will surely help you.

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