How To Transfer Existing Jio E-SIM To New iPhone


Jio is one of the first service providers to offer e-SIM cards in India. In the early days, the user has to visit their center to get a new e-SIM and to transfer an already existing e-SIM to a new smartphone. A lot has changed over the last few months, where, Jio now offers users a choice to convert their physical SIM card to an e-SIM card, and even allows e-SIM transfer without visiting any service center.

How To Transfer Existing Jio E-SIM To New iPhone

If you have been using an iPhone with Jio e-SIM and planning to upgrade the iPhone, then here is now you can easily transfer your existing e-SIM to the new iPhone with ease.

How To Get Jio E-SIM?

Just like a physical SIM card, an e-SIM will also have a unique 16-digit SIM card number. If you are planning to transfer an e-SIM to a new iPhone or any other smartphone which supports e-SIM, first you have to download the Jio e-SIM by sending the following message.

Send the following SMS to 199 to get your Jio e-SIM profile

GETESIM (space) 32 Digit EID (space) 15 Digit IMEI (space) to 199 (On Your Old iPhone)

You can get your unique EID and IMEI on your new iPhone from the Settings > General > About section. These codes are device-specific and do not share these details with anyone. Make sure that your new iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network to receive a Jio SIM profile.

Once you send this SMS, your iPhone will receive a pop-up message to configure Jio e-SIM. Click on the pop-up message, and Jio e-SIM will be installed on your iPhone.

In the next step, you will receive another message with your 16-digit unique Jio e-SIM number. Now, go to your old iPhone that has an active Jio connection, and then send the following text message to 199 and include the 16 digit Jio e-SIM number that you have received on your new iPhone.


SIMCHG (space) 19-digit E-SIM number (space) to 199 ( On Your Old iPhone)

After sending this message, you have to wait for 2 hours. After two hours, you will receive a text message, where, you have to give consent to Jio to transfer your e-SIM from one iPhone to another iPhone. Once you receive a text message, send the following message.

1 to 183 (On Your Old iPhone)

Once you send this message, you will get an IVR call on your old iPhone, where you have to enter your 16 digit Jio e-SIM number (which you have received on your new iPhone). Once you confirm the Jio e-SIM number, the Jio e-SIM transfer will happen in the next few minutes.

Do note that, when you convert your Jio physical SIM to an e-SIM or even transfer an already existing e-SIM to a new device, you will not be able to send SMS for 24 hours. This is done to ensures that there will be no fraudulent activity, as all the banking details are now linked to the phone number.

How To Transfer Existing Jio E-SIM To New iPhone

E-SIM Has Many Advantages And One Disadvantage

When you have a physical SIM, swapping between the devices just takes a couple of seconds. However, transferring an e-SIM from one smartphone to another smartphone takes at least 2 hours. Though these are done for security reasons, it is still not as seamless as transferring a physical SIM card.

When it comes to advantages, an e-SIM will ensure that you can use two SIM cards on a single iPhone (in most modern models). It also helps you to track if you ever lose your iPhone, as a thief will not be able to remove or disable an e-SIM, unlike a physical SIM card.

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