How to Return your Purchased Product on Flipkart

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Nowadays most of the people engage themselves in online shopping on websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, e-bay, etc. This way of shopping is more comfortable for the people, without any stress and movements.

For those who mostly shop online, its safe to say that we will get the product what we have ordered. But sometimes, we get a products that are not up to the mark for one reason or the other.

That product may suffer from issues like missing item in your shipment, the wrong item, quality issues, or defective product. If you have faced the same problem in your life before and planning to return the product, we have the answer's for you.

GizBot presents to you the process of returning back the item without hassels or damages. So to return your product, what you need to do is :

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Step 1:

Home page

Go to Flipkart Orders page.

Step 2:

Order page

There you will see the list of things which you have ordered recently on this page. Click the return button on the right side, which you want to return. But the Returning item should not be more than 1 month from the delivery date.

Step 3:


Coming to the next page, you need to select the reasons for return ( For eg, wrong item shipped, quality issues, or defective product) You can choose the problem from the next drop down menu, and explain the problem in the comments box.

Step 4:

Return Request

In the next drop down menu, you will have the option to select for the new piece. Once done, click on the "Request Return" button on the bottom right to confirm the return.

Step 5:

Return Confirmation

After this, you will get a call from Flipkart Customer care to confirm the procedure and will do the pickup from the address you ordered from. Incase, if you want to return the item from a different address, make sure you inform the customer care operative who calls.

Step 6:


The product will be collected from the Flipkart employee and will send you a replacement. You will get updates through email throughout the process, and a receipt when the book is collected, which you should keep safe until the replacement arrives.

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