How to add shortcut icon to webpage?

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Not many users are aware of the strategic importance of using shortcut icons. It can be considered as one of the most user friendly features that are present as well as implemented on a web page. It eliminates the time consumption factor in searching your favorite sites in the computer.


Short cut icons are available in Microsoft Internet explorer 5 and later versions. The truth is that Internet explorer automatically downloads the short cut icons once the user visits a web page that has a valid icon. Especially in a web page like Internet Explorer 7 versions, when the user adds a site to its favorite menu, the shortcut icon is automatically saved to the NT file system of Microsoft Windows. In Internet explorer 6, the icon is stored in temporary Internet files folder.



The following steps have to be followed in creating an icon.

  • Ensure the icon is square in size.

  • The shortcut icon should have a minimum specification of 16 x16 pixel icon and a maximum of 32 x 32 pixel icons.

  • Microsoft Paint as well as Microsoft Visual studio can be used as an icon editor.

  • The shortcut icon will have to be saved in .ico file format.


In order to associate the created icons with the web page, the following steps have to be followed. There are mainly two ways that are:

  • Favicon. Ico is the file name that is used to save the shortcut icon to the Root Directory.

  • Another method is to add the HTML code to the page’s head element. The code also contains a link tag that represents the location.

  • Save the shortcut icon with a desired file name other than Favicon. ico.




Don’t get worried or confused in writing this code. It’s quite simple and only deserves attention of the user to avoid mistakes. The HTML code is given below.




My Title



For a user who is relatively weaker in technical knowledge, it is often preferable to move ahead with the first method. As discussed earlier, in Internet Explorer 5 as well as Internet Explorer 6 the users will have to add the page as a favorite in order for the shortcut icon to appear in the address bar.


Even after following all these steps, if the incorrect shortcut icons as well as default shortcut icons still appears on the page, then that means proper trouble shooting is required.


Users can try the following steps. The steps include:

  • Ensure that the size and format specification of the shortcut icon is correct.

  • Image formats like .bmp, .gif, .png is not acceptable in Internet Explorer.

  • Clear the cache as well as history information.




For clearing the cache and history information in Internet Explorer 7:

  • Go to Tools Menu.

  • Select Delete Browsing History.

  • Click Delete Files to clear the cache.

  • Click Delete History to clear the history information.

  • Users can also trying removing the favorite and adding it again.


In Internet Explorer 6:

  • Click Tools Menu.

  • Click Internet Options.

  • Click Delete files present under Temporary Internet Files option.

  • Click Clear History that is present under the History category.

  • Users will have to ensure that the internet explorer can store the shortcut icon in the Temporary Internet Files folder.


These are the simple procedures to ensure that you can comfortably add the shortcut icon to the webpage.


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