How to integrate Google map information to Garmin in car GPS?

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Trips and Traveling is everyone’s desire. The fact is that most of the users spend a lot of time discussing about the next destination they wish to go for. Most of the time travelers are lost in new places and struggle to locate hotels and other destinations.


By integrating Google map information with that of Garmin in-car GPS, users can now enjoy the benefit of faster uploading of the destinations and location that they need as part of vacation as well as business visits.



How to integrate Google map information to Garmin in car GPS?

Basic Requirements

  • Internet Connection

  • Garmin GPS connected to the personal computer of the user by means of a USB cable


How to integrate Google map information to Garmin in car GPS?



The following steps have to be followed with utmost attention. The steps are:

  • By means of a USB cable provided, users will have to connect their corresponding Garmin in-car GPS to the personal computer

  • Users will then have to ‘search’ for the most preferred destinations

  • Then upload the destination in to the users GPS

  • Now open a new web browser

  • Type ‘Google Maps’

  • After entering in to the Google maps page, type the preferred destination in to the ‘Search Maps’ box that is present inside the Google maps page

  • Once the following destination is identified by the user, they will then have to click on the ‘send’ link that is represented especially in the upper right side of the ‘destination map window’

  • The ‘send’ link will resemble that of an envelope icon

  • A Dialog Box will be popped up

  • Three options will be provided for the user. The options are namely ‘e-mail’ as well as ‘car’ and finally ‘Garmin GPS’

  • Users will have to choose the ‘Garmin GPS’ option

  • A new web browser window will be automatically popped up

  • The web browser window will further prompt the users by providing them with a special ‘locate’ page on the corresponding Garmin Website

  • The page will ultimately display a map thumbnail

  • The page will also display the users destination address

  • Finally if the Garmin page has located the users GPS, then the page will eventually display a ‘Send to GPS’ button

  • If the Garmin page fails to locate the users GPS, then the page will display a message titled ‘Scan for GPS’ button

  • Users can again give a try by clicking the ‘Scan for GPS’ button

  • Now for those users who received the ‘Send to GPS’ option can click the ‘Send to GPS’ button

  • Now the users preferred destination will be available as a favorite in their corresponding Garmin GPS

How to integrate Google map information to Garmin in car GPS?



Thus the users have successfully integrated their Google map information to Garmin in-car GPS.

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