How to test your eyes in your PC?

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Eye care specialists say that you have to get your eyes checked at least once in every two years. Now you can test your vision on your computer if you don’t get a chance to visit a doctor. Though these eye tests are not a substitute for consulting with your doctor, they can provide you with some idea about how good one’s vision is.


The Snellen Eye Chart that is made up of different sizes of alphabets. It should be read from a distance and if you can read bottom row with comfort, and then you can be sure that you have good vision. Now a day, a number of eye testing tools are available in the internet and all of them make use of Snellen chart. The procedure for testing the eye vision online is explained below.

How to test your eyes  in your PC?
  • Start with the IVAC tool that was introduced by University of Buffalo.

  • A physical ruler should be used to measure the length of the line on the screen. This length may vary depending on the resolution of the screen.

  • The row of letters can be read from the screen and more rows can be displayed in decreasing sizes by giving a tap on the “smaller” button.

  • The test should be performed by covering an eye. Once you have read all the characters from top to the bottom, start again from the top by covering the other eye. It should be stopped when you are not able to read further.

  • There is another eye testing tool which is flash based and it is hosted on

  • This tool works only with those computers that have a display of 15”, 17” or 19” in size.

  • The person who wishes to test the eye vision should stand four feet from the screen.

  • When you are not able to read the characters that are displayed on the screen, then tap the stop button immediately and you visual acuity will be displayed on the screen.

  • There is one more tool that helps to test the eye sight. For testing your vision with this tool, open the Snellen chart image on the computer screen. Now measure the size of the big letter E using ruler. Then multiply it with 2.838. While taking the test, you have to stand that much distance from the screen. In order to check the vision, try reading the letters that are displayed in different sizes.

This is a simple technique by which users can test their basic vision on their PC itself.

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