How to transfer pictures from Android device to iCloud Photo stream?

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If you have purchased an Android device recently and wish to continue streaming photos with the familiar iStream, then this tutorial will help you in getting that task done. Please note, you can use Dropbox camera upload feature on Android to carry forward the process.

However before the same, you will need an iOS device too like Mac machine or iPhone. While, there is one catch to transfer photos from Android device to iPhoto, when you will have to upload manually the imported pictures into iPhoto app in order to get to the Photo Stream.

But, there is a need for a tool which automatically monitors the camera upload folder on your iOS device and imports a photo into iPhoto as soon as it is uploaded. And this tool is called Automator.

To work with this feature, you will need to have Dropbox app set up on your Android device and enable the camera upload feature. Then move ahead with the below mentioned steps. 

  • Launch Automator from the applications folder

  • From the displayed list of options, select ‘Folder Action’

  • You will be asked to provide a folder for the ‘Folder Action’ to monitor

  • Select Choose Folder and direct yourself to the ‘Camera uploads’ folder and provide it as the destination folder
  • Click on the show library option on the top left of the screen

  • Find the import to iPhoto option

  • Now from that list, you will have to drag the action ‘Import files into iPhoto’ to the blank area on the right side

  • This will enable monitoring of the Camera uploads folder and will also importing photos to iPhoto automatically


You can also set a specific event to which the photos could be imported by changing the setting in the import action. Then save this action. To do this go to 'File' and select 'Save' and then give a file name.

You can test the working of this set up by clicking a photo on your Android device. Drop box will update it on your iOS device. iPhoto will open and import the picture taken. Please notem you will require an internet connection to work. Automator will also launch iPhoto automatically when the action is triggered.

Your pictures will be uploaded to Photo stream after import if you have enabled ‘automatic upload to photo stream’. In the future, if you want to delete the action, direct yourself to 'Library' folder. The go to ‘Workflow’ folder. Then select the applications folder and delete the action from the list.

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